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Fiction and Art not locked, no access needs to be granted.

Obligatory Warning: This Journal Contains Fiction, Recommendations and Discussions about M/M Slash with Ratings up to and including NC-17 Mature. Readers should be 18 and above.

All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours. You are, however, welcome to write remixes/sequels/companion pieces. Please do let me know, because I'd love to read them.
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Although I crosspost to both DW and LJ, maintaining two sets of links is too much effort these days.

The list can be found at: - over 1 million words.
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I'm happy to take requests for covers, banners and icons. (McShep, John or Rodney only) All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours.

SGA Covers
SGA Banners
Firefox Personas


SGA Icons For General Use

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I'm happy to take requests for covers, banners and icons. (CLex only)
All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours.

SV Covers
SV Banners
Firefox Personas

SV Icons for General Use )

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...but not having internet access for 4 days was hell in a first world issues way. It is my tether to the world, especially when Gary is out-of-town for weeks (like now). Thankfully, I had some very long stories sitting in my To Read folder, so new McSheppiness kept me from complete despair.

Now, I need to quickly make some icons and then see how much I've missed in my games!

PS. To see why no internet, Rochester Windstorm of 2017. At least I kept my power and didn't lose any of my trees.
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Title: Sorta Semi-Sweet
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: He didn't need any reminders that he was alone on an over-rated, commercialized, pseudo-holiday.

On AO3: Sorta Semi-Sweet
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I completely forgot to post to my own journals!

Title: Protocol 73 aka Rescuing Christmas
From: To Be Revealed!
For: BradyGirl_12
Type: Fic/Art (graphic novelette)
Word Count: 995
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Request: Christmas/New Year’s theme
Summary: The attacking aliens had not returned, but neither had Superman.

Link on AO3:
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My apologies for being so very late, but this story insisted on growing. Happy Holidays!

Title: Secret Ingredient
Author: [personal profile] danceswithgary
Recipient: [personal profile] aivix
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~33,600
Warnings: Off-screen death of minor character
Summary: A brilliant head chef and a sassy sous chef cook up the perfect recipe for happily ever after. Never-a-stargate contemporary AU remix of 2007 movie No Reservations.

LINK TO STORY on AO3: Secret Ingredient

The OA

Dec. 23rd, 2016 01:15 pm
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I have been taking short breaks from writing to watch 'The OA' on Netflix. What an incredible creation, I wish I could write like that. I burst into tears at the final cafeteria scene - such beauty in response to chaos. *wipes away more tears*
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I rework the same three sentences for the fifth time. *sigh*

I'll think I'll go wrap some Xmas gifts.
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'Tis the season and I needed to take a break from the sga_santa story that doesn't want to end.

Let It Snow

Click for fullsize

Just A Kiss for Christmas

Click for fullsize

Keeping it Bright - First Holiday Celebration on Atlantis

Click for fullsize

Where Did That Come From?

Click for fullsize

May all your holidays be merry and bright!
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Thank goodness these don't have to be consecutive days - I suspect it will take me a year to reach 100. :-P

Happy pictures inside )
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I've been enjoying the 100 Days of Happy posts and I've finally decided to attempt to join the fun. Thinking of what makes me happy often leaves me disgruntled by my physical limitations, but focusing on the positive should ultimately be a good thing.

Today's happy?

Organic waffles spread with Nutella washed down with chocolate truffle flavored coffee. Yum! The sugar and caffeine should power me through my weekly icon-making for mcshep_icontest and sga_icontest - I've entered weekly for years now. Anyone can vote in those comms (they post the entries Monday/Tuesday every week).

Another happy?

I've been nominated at No Rest For The Wicked Awards in the following categories:

Title: That Which Waits To Be Discovered
Fandom/Pairing: SGA Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller
Word Count: 12546
Categories: Partners in Crime (best het), Dream a Little Dream of Me (best romance/fluff)

Nominations List:

Although that story isn't McShep, it's still in my top ten for AO3 kudos. It always makes me smile when I get another kudo on it because I stepped outside my comfort zone to write it.

A final happy for today?

Gary is off wandering on his motorcycle, so the puppies are cuddling next to me as I watch Star Trek: Vogager on Netflix, yet another show I've never watched before. The difficulty of balancing my Bamboo tablet is offset by Molly's warmth smooshed under my arm. I'll manage as I always do. :-D
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I am actually getting out of the house - even out of my yard - to play this. Gary and I pack up the dogs and drive to the village so we can safely walk around to Pokestops and take advantage of lures when they appear. We don't actually fight, just enjoy the collecting aspect, as well as finding interesting places/memorial we'd never noticed before. It is so great to see so many others out and about and the dogs are loving the chance for extra sniffing. It's even worth the cold I managed to catch as I rejoined the world outside of my safety zone. I just wish it was a Pokemon I could transfer to the Professor for candy instead of the sniffling/coughing/bleary-eyed reality. ;-D

We've also been gardening - another of Gary's ploys to get me off the couch and outside. I have a video of the results so far at if you'd like to see.

Molly and Tessa really enjoy the extra time they get outside with us.

Click for giant size

When I'm not playing Pokemon Go, I am building DWGville in SimCity BuildIt, fighting off invasions in SkyForge, and battling comic book villains in DC Universe Online, all while watching various and sundry Netflix offerings. It's great pain management (need more input) but means there's not a lot of writing/artwork going on. I open and close files in fits and starts, but it's just not happening. *shrug*

I have been enjoying the 100 Days of Happy entries appearing on my flist and am considering joining in. Perhaps it'll nudge me to be creative. Maybe. We'll see.
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Title: Mirai ni furemasu (Touch the Future)
Author: [ profile] danceswithgary
Artist: [ profile] selenic76
Pairing: Aiden Ford/Miko Kusanagi
Rating: PG
Words: 11334
Warnings: Non-linear storytelling and blatant abuse of canon.
Summary: It wasn't until she faced an active stargate for the first time that she understood what she and her grandmother had seen in the glowing crystal orb.


Link to fic:
Link to art: or

I do not claim to be an expert on Japanese customs or language, merely an avid user of Wikipedia and the internet. Please consider any blatant errors simply part of this alternate universe along with the method of divination used by Miko's grandmother and her ancestors.
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McShep/SGA/Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett/Other icons and artwork (banners and backgrounds) up for grabs.

Please credit so others can find my galleries and please contact me if you'd like them customized.

I do take requests for covers, banners, and icons (John, Rodney or McShep only)

These SGA icons and artwork are not bases and I ask that they not be altered without crediting my work.


001.RJKiss 002.JR 003.JR 004.BvS

More icons and artwork behind cut )

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I'm writing a Miko-centric story and I have been researching everything, but I could use a beta who can correct my more egregious errors. I could even use someone to bounce sections off. I'm hoping to have something readable in a few weeks, needing to have beta and corrections complete for latest possible post on April 14th.

Anyone interested? I can pay with icons and artwork of your choice.
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I love what my daughter gave me for Christmas. She knows that all too often I run out of spoons, so she bought me a sonic spork!


*smishes her so much*

PS. My next favorite present I gave to myself - finishing and posting a 13000 word McShep AU. I actually managed to write every day for almost 6 weeks. I'm hoping to continue the trend.

Happy Holidays!
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Title: Universal Gravitation (Metaphorically Speaking)
Author: danceswithgary
Recipient: squidgiepdx
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard, Daniel Jackson/Rodney McKay (past)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~13000
Disclaimer: SGA characters are not mine, more's the pity. Not a medical professional, I only play one on the internet.
Warnings: Potential consent issues/triggers. I started this as a lighthearted romance but, as I researched physical therapy, I was reminded there were questions of ethical conduct that needed to be addressed when a medical professional becomes involved with a patient, even a former patient. I'm hoping some magical hand-waving will be excused to allow romance a chance.
Author's Notes: Present day "Never a Stargate" AU suggested by Oh, and because of my fuzzy-headed research, please pretend along with me that Stanford's mascot isn't a tree. *facepalm* See the end for more notes.
Summary: It was all Newton's fault.

Universal Gravitation (Metaphorically Speaking) )


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