Dear FemslashEx writer

Aug. 23rd, 2017 08:44 pm
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Dear [community profile] femslashex writer,

thank you so much for writing a story for me! I'll be absolutely thrilled about anything you can create about the relationships I requested, and everything important is in the requests themselves, but if you'd like some additional info/ideas/thoughts, here's some of it:

General Preferences

Fic Likes & Dislikes )

I hope this is useful for telling you about the kinds of things I like to read. :)

Now for the fandoms and ships I requested, in no particular order:


Grimm - Kelly Burkhardt/Elizabeth Lascelles )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Sarah Connor/Catherine Weaver )

Once Upon a Time - Regina Mills | Evil Queen/Mary Margaret Blanchard | Snow White, Red Queen | Anastasia/Jabberwocky )

Doctor Who - Thirteenth Doctor/Missy )

Work: 8/23/2017

Aug. 23rd, 2017 12:47 am
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So far today it's been really good.  Work though...odd.

Work )

Meanwhile in my world.  It's a beautiful day here in Minneapolis, and I am planning on taking a walk in it.  It's my first walk since my mishap 2 weeks ago. 

Project 52

Aug. 23rd, 2017 11:57 am
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We went to the zoo for a walk Wednesday night after work as it is August and the zoo is open late on Wednesdays this month. We saw one of [ profile] jebra's old bandmates, quite a few of the zoo's full--time inhabitants, and played Ingress until closing. We're getting closer to Level 15 but good heavens is that a long slog. [profile] jebra pointed out at there are many game points from Level 1 through 14 as there are between Level 14 and 15. No wonder it is taking forever. The AgentStats tool predicts I will make Level 15 sometime in October but I keep seeing the date slip as life gets in the way and I can't devote the amount of time I'd like to getting out and playing.

We were supposed to go up north to see [ profile] jebra's parents on Saturday and planned to spend the night. Friday was spent catching up on laundry so that I'd have something to wear while we were gone. While I was biking and doing laundry, [ profile] jebra went out for a walk and to play Ingress. He was walking at his usual quick pace on a sidewalk when he started to fall forward. He tried to regain his balance by walking faster and getting his under him where they belong but all that really did was propel him faster when he hit the pavement with this knees, palms, and face. He laid there for a while, holding the side of his nose that gets spontaneous nosebleeds, until he thought he could stand up with out getting blood down the front of his khaki shirt and kilt. He came home after that and I had to meet him at the door to help him get his boots and the rest of his clothes off as he still had blood all over his hands and face. He posted the whole saga to facebook for those of you who follow him there; the next day we went back to the scene of the crime to see if we could figure otu why he fell. He was pretty spooked by the whole thing which is understandable given my experiences with unexplained falls. Turns out he had a better reason than a failing spine, he had stepped on a green pine cone and it rolled underneath his boot as he continued forward. He took photos of the now crushed pine cone and the rather substantial bloodstain on the pavement. His hands are healing nicely as are his knees (he heals a heck of a lot faster than I do; the marks on his needs are darn near gone whereas I have had the same injuries to my knees for the past couple of months). Anyway, on Saturday morning he still looked pretty swollen and at we didn't yet know why he'd fallen so we opted to stay near home for the weekend. We were glad of this decision when he woke up Sunday morning with two black eyes. Turns out he didn't break his nose though, the doctor examined him and declared him to be just badly bruised.

I have no idea what we did on Saturday other than research used cars, go out for dinner and play Ingress while we were out. Oh, and arrange to have lunch with our god-daughter Amanda and her husband the following day.

We expected to get up earlier than we did come Sunday, which cut short time for playing Ingress before our meet-up at the restaurant. We played one set of portals on our way there, discussed where we wanted to play after lunch, and arrived at the Mexican place before they did. Which was good as we were starting to run late. The food was excellent and I want to return for more. I want to recommend the place if you're ever in the area only I can't remember the name of the place nor where exactly it is located. I know it was nearish St. Basil (an Ingress portal) and that it is only five minutes or so from Sam & Amanda's house but that doesn't help identify it.

After lunch we went to check out their house and meet their dogs, one is a spaniel-pitbull mix that the softest coat I've known on a short-hair dog. That dog would be great to cuddle up with on the couch on a cold night. The other dog is a black lab-pitbull mix and *loves* water. And is very high energy and wants to play nonstop. Good thing his brother doesn't mind playing with him.

What I forgot to mention was that when we returned to our car after lunch the windows would neither go up nor down. The radio cut out for a while too, but in this weather the windows are far more important as the A/C in the car stopped work over a year ago. We sweltered on the way home and did not stop to play more Ingress as we didn't know if the windows & radio were the only things malfunctioning. I was sad but we got home safely and made it to and from work on Monday. My brother, Rob, the mechanic, suggested that the problem was within one of the control modules and that a possible fix was to disconnect and then reconnect the battery. Rather like a rebooting a computer I suppose. We tried that but it did not correct the problem. Meanwhile, I found a car I wanted to check out at the used car dealer near our home so we did that after work. We arrived as they were closing up shop for the night, but they let us take it out for a quick test drive. We had one reservation (it felt like the ABS breaking system was triggering when it drove down a bumpy residential street at 30 mph) but felt it was worth having our mechanic give it a look. So that's what's going on today.

Last night was more laundry and [ profile] jebra was going to go to Ann Arbor for concert night at the Ark. (Take a Chance Tuesday.) He didn't make it there though, the car started to act funny (that's as much as I know) and he was afraid to make the trip. And this morning we stayed off the highway on our way in to work for the same reason. I sure do hope our mechanic gives the okay for the sale, especially since I told Jebra that if they didn't we'd go to CroMax in Ypsilanti and get the little blue Subaru Forester he likes. Only now I'm not sure our working Park Avenue can go that far.

Scrapbook papers & elements from the kit Bohemian Breeze
For more information about the designers and their work, see


Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:21 pm
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This is going to be a very tiring week. You see, I knew I had an audit today. Internal, one where I was leading it. That was planned for. Tiring but productive so it's okay. I still have to write up the audit report and get the notes organized but hey, that's more or less done.

Tomorrow, there is a customer audit. This was known, planned for and loathed but known. I'm going to be Very Tired tomorrow so don't expect much of a post if I manage one at all.

Then, on Monday, we discovered that there was another customer audit this week, on Thursday. With a humongous scope that should, properly, take at least two days to cover. We've had, like, next to no time to prepare for it. There was hope that it'd be moved out a couple of weeks but nope, the auditor decided to come Thursday despite crisis on his side.

*loud desperate whining*

I am going to be completely and utterly flattened by the end of this week. One audit exhausts me. Two, back to back, is not just exhausting but devastating to my RSI. Taking that many notes is physically painful for weeks.


JFC, I'm going to be miserable.

But it's what has to happen so I'll survive it. Unhappily.

It's a good thing I'd already decided to ramp down my writing production as of this week. Because man, I'm going to be lucky to get even 500 words per day for the rest of the week.

I managed 1100 today, on the newest short story. It's squarely urban fantasy though, as always, I've no idea where I'm going with it. Doubt I'll finish it before the weekend. It feels like about 5-6K of story right now.

Goals for tomorrow are small: write 500 words, get this week's cover done (and ebook if possible), survive the audit. That's it.

Off to bath and early, early, EARLY bedtime for me. Goodnight everyone!


Aug. 22nd, 2017 08:09 pm
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So we're all ready for the start of the Strike series this weekend are we?

Fabulous to have Tom Burke back on my screen, obviously. I saw the first ep at the BFI preview and it is excellent.

I read the books after finding out that Tom was going to be in it, so could picture him in the role while reading and he definitely did not disappoint in the actual ep. Interesting how, though Strike is described as much bigger than Tom, he somehow makes it work - he 'acts big' as the director said at the preview. Holliday Grainger also makes a fabulous Robin, exactly like I imagined her from the books.


I am Grateful: 8.21.2017

Aug. 21st, 2017 11:11 am
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I had a wonderful day today. It was kinda weird with the eclipse and all, but everything came together in a spectacular way.

I am grateful for and love my days off.  I enjoy my days off, because they give me time to practice some "me" time. 

I am grateful for and love the fact that I am mediating again.  Especially as I am able to do it as part of my miracle morning, and before my brain engages fully with the day.

I am grateful for and love my kitten.  She's actually full grown now, but she's still my kitten.  I was meditating today during the peak of the eclipse, and she came in and sat with me with out nibbling on my ear phone cord. 

I am grateful for and love my home.   I love the windows open on cool nights.  I love the cats galloping up the hall.  I love that even on the first floor, I'm not on the ground.  I love the hardwood floors.  I love pretty much everything about my home.

I am grateful for and love the lessons I am learning, and the energy that is moving.   I planted some intents, and they are coming do. 

Who saw the eclipse?

Aug. 21st, 2017 08:21 pm
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OMG you guys! That was SO COOL!!!

A guy Pfeffa works with has relatives (with 4 horses & 3 big dogs!) with a large lot in Oregon. He invited people to come & camp, so we did, & got up at 4 am & went to a city park in Corvallis, and the weather was beautiful, and HOLE IN THE SKY!!! So AWESOME!!!!!!

Finished the novella!

Aug. 20th, 2017 08:23 pm
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I was planning on doing New Years and Valentines but the Christmas section was such a feel-good spot that I stopped there. It ended up being 10,400 words which felt just right for that story.

Still need a beta for it.

Today the hubby and went down to Seattle to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. It was really quite cool, if very crowded with people moving far too slowly as they listened to the audio narration gizmos they'd gotten. Took about an hour for us to move through it and I'm pondering buying a history book about the time period because it was quite fascinating.

The warriors really are amazing ceramic works. Seriously, just so much detail put into them. I had no idea that originally they'd been fired, lacquered and then painted in full color. Apparently, the paints all dissolved (corroded? evaporated? not sure the right word) within 15 minutes of exposure to the air. So it doesn't show now except in rare tiny spots. Still amazing.

Then we had lunch (Mod Pizza) and went to Pike's Place for spatezl (had to get a different sort from what we normally buy) and then had ice cream at our favorite ice cream shop. Plus, we saw that they had peach cobbler cupcakes so we got two of those for dessert tonight.

Came home and writing time happened, as above.

Let me just say that I'm really glad we got exercises today because between the big steaks we had for dinner (I only ate half) and those cupcakes, dude. So many calories. But the cupcakes were AMAZING! Rich and tender and damn if that frosting didn't taste just like really good peach cobbler.

Then I spent some time going over my publishing schedule for the rest of the year and decided that I needed to put together a whole slew of collections. There will be six collections of various sorts coming out before the end of the year. Between that and the stories I have in the pipeline already, I only have two weeks left to fill.

So I will be writing two more short stories and then focusing as hard as I can on learning about advertising, marketing and getting every single one of my older stories up to the current standards.

Kind of hurts but I need to get this done. Need to. Desperately. So my word count goals for the last quarter of the year is going to go down to 250 words per day instead of 2000. That will leave me time for everything else that needs to be done.

I mean, I'm still going to write more than that. Just not as much. Because other things have to take priority.

Weird as that is. *sigh*

So, yeah, goals for tomorrow include getting this week's story ready for publishing, 250 words of a new short story, getting all my ISBN numbers updated (because wow, I am VERY behind on that), prepping for an internal audit on Tuesday, prepping for a customer audit on Wednesday, and that's about it that I can think of right now. Oh! Yeah, I also need to start building a marketing and promotion calender and budget. You now, a business plan. @__@

Off to bath and bed for me--goodnight everyone!

Change: 8.20.

Aug. 20th, 2017 08:14 am
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Miracle Morning has something called SAVERS.  Savers is an acronym meaning
  • Silence can include things like meditation, deep breathing, prayer, reflection, gratitude, etc and is generally about 10-15 minutes long on average.
  • Affirmations are what they are, tap into your emotions, revise as needed, say aloud.
  • Visualization is creative visualization or mental rehearsal.  For me, this is like mediation take 2, because I do focused visualization in this block of time. 
  • Exercise can be going for a walk, doing yoga, Pilates, a run, biking, anything that gets the heart pumping.
  • Reading 2-10 pages or I just read for 5 to 10 minutes, maybe 15 depending on time.
  • Scribing or Journaling is pretty self explanatory. 
I would have to say that this has helped me immensely lately.  Mainly it allows me the opportunity to put my best foot forward, even as I am creating something new.  The opportunity to do a Meditation in the morning helps me greatly.  My Meditation may be 15 minutes, plus another 10-15 for visualization.   I also enjoy doing the visualizations, because it's giving me ideas on how I am changing things as a I go forward, and what I am creating going forward as well.  How I want my business to go, where I am going for my home.  What I see myself doing in my new home, etc.  Also through visualization I see during the day gives me more insights on what is cooking in my psych.  The affirmations are helping especially as say them before bed, because it helps me get up without hitting that snooze.  I usually do the exercise after my Miracle Morning, as I bike to work (which about a week a go I rolled my right ankle, and landed on my left knee, so not riding right now).  I read for about 5-10 minutes (I set an alarm, because like with mediation and visualization, I may run over).   And I do journaling at the end in my written journal.  This may include my Dear Universe (which includes my morning gratitude as well as my intentions for the day), and my oracle draw for the day. 

To say that it's helping would be an understatement, because it's doing more than that as I go forward.  It's helping me build confidence, and gives me a set of accomplishments in the morning before I even leave the house.  Plus what I do before I sleep.  Which is write down what came to mind during the day.  Ideas, situations, experiences during the day, they go in this slot.  I may do a little more reading.  If I am not too tired, I'll do a 2nd meditation.  It's all how it works for you, and how you would like for it to work for you.

Do You Rock? Looking for Filk Fic Folk

NSFW Aug. 20th, 2017 06:01 pm
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