Aug. 30th, 2013

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First the trip from Rochester to Lansing (which always exhausts me) then 2 days later a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Absolutely gorgeous views along the lakes, although we had to make an emergency stop for a day because I had a blindingly painful migraine. Gary and the dogs went for a walk in the nearby national park and he managed to get lost and end up asking a ranger for directions. That resulted in a $125 ticket for having them in a no dogs area - even with them on a leash and him carrying poop bags. A slightly more expensive 3-day trip than we planned. *sigh*

Back home now, but my Mac is currently out of commission due to an extremely stupid accident involving a large mug of water and a very clumsy Val. I was able to backup the most important data before it shut down, but now I have to transfer it onto what was supposed to be Gary's new computer and is now mine until the Mac can hopefully be repaired. Unfortunately, it also means no new artwork for a while.

One of the files I did lose was a quick and dirty list of McShep Match stories I'd read and needed to leave comments on. I missed to deadline for the polls, but I will be commenting... eventually.

After I recover from the trip.

*melts into sofa and begins snoring*
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Title: The Road Refuses Strangers On AO3:
Artist: danceswithgary
Author: enigmaticblue
Fandoms Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1
Rating: G
Author's Summary: Atlantis continues to face enemies in the Pegasus Galaxy, including renewed threats from the Wraith, and continued pressure from Kolya. But those on Atlantis must also decide what kind of relationship they will maintain with those on Earth, and how many refugees they can handle. And as threats continue mounting, and they face increasingly more difficult decisions, something will have to break.

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