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Entirely too long ago, [ profile] squidgiepdx bid on me in an auction and he's kindly allowed me to post the results to my journals. He selected artwork for the delightful Citrus Hill 'Verse. I had a great time searching for the best images to match the wonderful descriptions of Southern life.


Citrus Hill - Title
click for fullsize

Welcome to Citrus Hill, Florida

Citrus Hill - Welcome
click for fullsize

An Introduction to 'Bawled' Peanuts

Citrus Hill - Roadside
click for fullsize

The Best Place to Eat in Town

Citrus Hill - Skeeters
click for fullsize

Skinny Dipping

Citrus Hill - Millers Pond
click for fullsize

No, John Doesn't Have a Foot Fetish

Citrus Hill - Jethro
click for fullsize

The Pembertons Watch the World Go By

Citrus Hill - Pembertons
click for fullsize

And finally, a few icons.

Citrus Hill - Icon * Citrus Hill - Icon2 * Citrus Hill - Icon3

Date: 2013-12-16 02:42 am (UTC)
mecurtin: Doctor Science (Default)
From: [personal profile] mecurtin
These are great! Having just been to coastal Georgia for Thanksgiving, I can truly appreciate Spanish Moss for the first time.

But the link to the Citrus Hill 'verse is a dud.:(


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