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I love what my daughter gave me for Christmas. She knows that all too often I run out of spoons, so she bought me a sonic spork!


*smishes her so much*

PS. My next favorite present I gave to myself - finishing and posting a 13000 word McShep AU. I actually managed to write every day for almost 6 weeks. I'm hoping to continue the trend.

Happy Holidays!
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When Gary puts his skis away, it's motorcycle season. In fact, he just got back from a 5-day motorcycle trip through Michigan, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, W. Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana - none of which are particularly warm in early April, especially when it's raining. *rolls eyes at ridiculous man*

He was catching up with his email when he ran across an interesting motorcycle article online.

Remember that US Government Zombie Outbreak Advisory?

Veeeery interesting. *waggles eyebrows*
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My daughter sent me this youtube link and I giggled and guffawed through it. Twice!

Bank left!

Bank right!

Flap my cape!

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Intrigued by the wedding vegetables mentioned in a story search, I went a-googling and ended up giggling through Men, sheds, and 'wedding vegetables'.

*giggles some more*
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I finally got to talk to my daughter for the first time since she left for Prague in November. She's been super busy getting settled in teaching English, but we finally connected via Skype yesterday and it was like having her plop down on the couch next to me and tell me everything she's been doing. I loved it. :-D

She's also started posting regularly to her journal again - missed that - and this latest had me laughing. She was out at a bar with friends and got into a conversation with a 'local.'

Like, I asked him if the bumpy paths in the middle of the sidewalk were for blind people to follow, he said yeah, so I asked "then why do they lead directly into lamp poles? Do Czechs hate blind people or something?"

The guy she was talking with thought it was hilarious and so do I, and I've only had coffee this morning, not the White Russians she was drinking. Hee!


Oct. 4th, 2007 10:37 am
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There's only one person in my office who knows about my 'hobby' (read obsession - reading and writing CLex). So, we just shared a very amusing moment baffling our officemates:

Me: I think we'll go to the zoo and check out our commemorative brick.

BaffledHim1: Oh, I heard about those, it's a neat way to raise money.

BaffledHim2: Do you know where it is or do you wander about looking for it?

Me: They wrote me an email saying it's in front of the cougar cage.

HerInTheKnow: How appropriate!

Me and HerInTheKnow: rolling on floor laughing at the others who are going 'hunh?'

Look under Slang, I guess I might just slip into that definition by inclination...


May. 23rd, 2007 08:31 am
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I cannot stop giggling every time I read this email from my husband.

I think my phone battery would last longer if it didn't keep taking pictures of my pocket.

I keep visualizing someone looking at his very busy pocket, the one that is clicking away...

"Is that a phone in your pocket or...what the hell?"


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