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Gary and I spent Thursday and Friday night snuggled together on the couch watching season 1 and 2 of Primeval, which is on the Netflix Watch It Now list. He laughed every time I jumped, but he flinched a few times too. We'll watch season 3 sometime this week, although I'm bummed about spoiler: season 2 finale Stephen sacrificing himself.

Of course, all through the shows I was sort of seeing John as Stephen - the strong silent hunter with secrets and Rodney as Connor - although Connor's a much sweeter version of the bravest geek. The thing is, both characters are enough on their own (especially Connor) that I decided that I wouldn't want to overwrite them with John and Rodney in a remix. As a result,my dreams have been filled with dinosaurs and SGA and attempts at a fusion instead - maybe having Team Cutter visit Atlantis to check out the dinosaur planet or Team Sheppard being called in to consult at the ARC when a Wraith walks through an anomaly. Just the idea of Rodney snarking at Lester makes me grin.

Just what I needed - another bunny.

*saves file to overfull bunny folder with a sigh*
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On the good antibiotics again (upper respiratory infection) and my fever's higher than my normal 100, so that means my dreams are extra vivid.

Nevertheless, I'm not going to write a story about John Sheppard, who happens to be an expert in chasing down rogue Replicants with his partner, Jack O'Neill. Laura Cadman is not going to run amok and kick off Sheppard's investigation. Ronon is not going to appear as another runner who's reached the end of his seven-year lifespan and is looking for revenge. The scientist that Sheppard meets during his investigation is not going to have blue eyes and a crooked mouth and Sheppard is not going to find out just how special McKay is. Teyla is not going to end up being the protector of the mind-broken Dr. Beckett, the one responsible for the Replicant process as well as the ATA therapy that stabilizes them, the same therapy ruthlessly suppressed by the Trust. The same therapy he's unfortunately been unable to modify to work on a full-grown Replicant.

Nope. Not going to write that.


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