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LJ has changed Scrapbook posting again, making my earlier howto obsolete. They've re-instated the ability to post a teaser (you select the size) and clicking on it takes the user to your 'catalog' in Scrapbook where they have to click again to get to the original size. *sigh*

How to get to the original image size in one-click - using the HTML editor.

1. Use the Edit/Insert Image button (upper left-hand corner of entry area) to open Scrapbook
2. Select From Album, then select album from unsorted droplist (still a stupid design)
3. Select one or more images, select the size of your teaser (Resize - 100 or 300 or 600 or 900 or 1000), select Add to post

Resulting html code will look something like:

Copy TEASER_URL and paste it over CLICKED_URL, replacing TEASERSIZE with original. Don't forget to add target="_blank" to force a new tab/window for the original image as well as the newline code br and the text to display under the image.

Using the original example, the resulting code will look like:

which produces a 300 pixel wide teaser that displays the full-sized image in a new tab/window when clicked.

This coding will also work in DW and AO3 (although AO3 won't use target="_blank" code).

Hope this helps and please let me know if something needs more clarification. :-)

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The July rec signup post at [ profile] stargateficrec is languishing, I tell you, it's bereft of reccers. Surely someone out there is itching to rec 4 stories in their favorite pairing, genre, friendship, or gen categories?

The mods have made it easy. There's one signup post every month, a simple template (see below), and lists of stories already recced that you can check.

1. Track down a link to your story,
2. Check the lists,
3. Cut/paste the template into your post,
4. Fill in the blanks,
5. Fill in the LJ Subject with Title by Author (Rating),
6. No tagging required - the mods do that at the end of the month - so,
7. Post!

Have a question? I'm happy to help.

Don't let a month go by without SGA story recs! Share four (4) of your favorites!

Cut/paste template )

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Art: The Making of 'Gravitas' for [ profile] crysothemis

Title: Gravitas
Medium: Digital Manipulation
Pairing or characters: John Sheppard
Rating: G
Summary: John carries the complicated weight of his past.
Artist's notes: I used screencaps from 'The Lost Tribe' with a variety of fractals and clouds (my profile contains my various sources).

I picked up a pinch hit for this year's [ profile] sga_art_santa, and I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first glance because I really admire anyone who can draw or paint, especially someone as talented as my assignment.

Here is your assignment for the SGA Secret Art Santa.
You are creating art for: [ profile] crysothemis
Their request is: I'd really love some kind of John-centric character piece (with or without additional characters, as you wish). It could be funny, angsty, goofy, or sexy -- it's all good. Basically, if John's in there somewhere, I'll be happy. If you'd like a more specific prompt, I'm particularly fond of images of John with his eyes closed or looking down. He could be sleeping, embarrassed, looking at something, whatever -- I just like him with his eyes downcast. In general, I enjoy different media and styles of art, but I'm not in need of icons or headers, and my taste in music is painfully idiosyncratic, so fanmixes are probably not a good fit.

Thankfully, [ profile] crysothemis supplied terrific preferences I could work with, and I do enjoy creating character pieces, so I dove right in and started sorting through the thousands of screencaps I've collected to find the right John with downcast eyes. I had a general idea of what I was looking for (angsty), so I focused on Season 4 and 5, with the exception of Progeny.

Click to see what happened next.... )

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This is a walk-through of the steps I took to create the artworks for Unstable Times, the sequel I'm currently writing for the sequel to Detour to Bethlehem.

Version 1

Version 2 (Accented Edges)

I am going to assume some familiarity with the location of the tools I worked with in my previous Photoshop tutorials, so I'll just reference them by name rather than the full path to their locations or their images, unless I'm introducing something new.

Please do ask questions in the comments if something isn't clear, as I will likely leave out details due to my faulty memory. I also have the .psd files saved and can send them in a zip file for anyone who wants to experiment. You may note there were more saved .psd files than I'll display below because I usually saved before doing extensive erasing/smudging/blurring while trimming the wings and figure of the angel.

Note: I will be including the thought processes behind my image selections, positioning, and lighting, a few of which helped me think through certain plot points as I worked, therefore:

The following (WARNING: image-heavy) potentially contains spoilers for the story, although not necessarily because I'm still writing it. )

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Title: About Face
Artist: danceswithgary
Team: Play
Prompt: about face
Pairing(s): McKay/Sheppard
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: The present Jeannie sent for Torren was bad enough. When Rodney pulled out the nose, John decided that the only shaft that would end up lubed in the near future would be the one in Rodney's little yellow racer.

'About Face' and the making of if you're interested. )
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After I showed [ profile] taste_is_sweet that this started out as that and explained I had mainly used clone stamping to keep it closer to a 'photo' effect, she requested a tutorial on Clone Stamp .

Note: Keeping in mind this is for new users, I'm likely to go into details some may think aren't necessary.

I understand being frustrated by Clone Stamp. It took a lot of trial and error to learn what works for me. )

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Since I'm closing down my website, I'm re-posting an LJ Coding Help doc (with some additions) that I wrote a few years ago. Hope it proves helpful to anyone new to posting on LJ. :-D

Common LJ or HTML codes )

Standard Story Header and Notes )

Example Disclaimers )

How to conceal warnings until highlighted )
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As a new user, [ profile] taste_is_sweet requested a Photoshop tutorial on the techniques I used to create my Detour To Bethlehem manips. Although I'm still taking baby steps when it comes to the many tools available in the Photoshop Elements, I'm happy to share what I've learned so far. I hope that some of it will translate across to other programs. Note: Keeping in mind this is for a new user, I'm likely to go into details some may think are no-brainers.

Here There Be Very Many Detailed Steps )

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Actually, that's bit misleading.

I'm not in the middle of a beta right now.

I am, however, in the process of reviewing my collection for possible recs, and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to drop out of that beta mindset and simply kick back to enjoy reading a story.

You're killing me, people. )

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While writing Conjugating Amore, not the first fic where I've used a foreign language, it occurred to me once again how annoying it is to have to wait until the end for a translation. This also applies to a story like Destiny Wears A Disguise with its historical references or Do You Believe In Magic? with its circus terminology.

Now, if I write the scene well enough, the reader should be able to deduce the meaning of the words without a dictionary or Babelfish, but I decided there had to be a better way. Then it struck me how useful I find the tool tips that pop up when I hover over icons and buttons.

A few minutes in Google and I had what I needed to add the English translation when you hover over the italicized Italian in my latest story (won't be going back to add them in the older stories).

Example: Hover over this and it should say, Hello World.

For anyone interested, the syntax is:

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So you've found the greatest icon(userpic) or picture ever on LJ and you want to add it to your icon collection or make the picture an icon?

First: Be a good fen and never take an icon, picture or manip without asking first, or saying 'Thank You' when they're offered for download and acknowledge the icon/picture source in the comments.

The following instructions assume Windows and IE6.0 or above. Other OS and browser commands may vary.
Instructions )


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