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...and relax enough to read stories, view artworks, and comment. *whew*

I just looked at my Unsorted folders in both SGA and SV and winced at the number I still haven't managed to read and comment on - some from back in May when this whole 'temporarily moving to another state' thing started - but I'm also looking forward to devouring the feast of goodies.

I have been able to sample a few short stories from the [ profile] mcshep_match and they've been wonderful! I strongly encourage everyone to stop by the match to read stories and view art and vote, even if you're not one to comment. *ahem* I also happen to be on Team Time this year, and I'd love to know if anyone can guess my entry when the posting is finished. :-D

As an aside, we've been exploring Lansing/East Lansing and it's a nice place outside of the sadness seeing so many properties closed and for sale due to the depressed economy. Fortunately, the area has the university and government offices to help offset the loss of the auto industries. The dogs are certainly enjoying the walks around the neighborhood.


Aug. 5th, 2012 03:36 pm
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Did you know a paint roller's weight quadruples with the addition of paint? So, it seems, does a paintbrush's. Dammit, I used to be able to do entire rooms without even thinking about stopping to rest!

One-half of a closet later, the paint can has been closed, the brush and roller cleaned, and analgesic cream liberally applied to my arthritic hands and fingers.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

It appears that Gary will be finishing the painting on his return. It sucks because I was trying to spare my daughter the fumes.


At least the paint we bought has the lowest environmental impact we could find (zero VOC's) and the smell really wasn't that bad even in such an enclosed space.

Guess I'll watch another Roswell episode and tinker with one of my Sci Fi/Fantasy Big Bang art pieces - if my hand stops complaining about holding a stylus.

Things could be worse.



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