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It's been almost two months - time for an update on the SSA->AO3 front!

On March 4, 2012, the stories contained at the Smallville Slash Archive were migrated/moved to Smallville Slash Archive Collection at the Archive of Our Own (AO3).

Background information on this change in location can be found at and

The stories were migrated under the ssa_archivist account and a notice was sent to the email address on file for each story to allow the authors to claim their stories using their AO3 accounts - if the same email address was on file at the AO3. If a story had already been posted to the AO3, it was not overwritten by the import. Both versions of the stories were retained for later reconciliation by the author using a merge tool that has not yet been developed. In addition, a redirect from the SSA to the AO3 was set up for the imported stories.

If a matching email address could not be found during the import, the story remained under the ssa_archivist account. As the moderator of the ssa_archivist account, I've spent the last month and a half going through the list of unassigned stories to track down the correct AO3 account whenever possible in order to reassign the stories. In addition, some authors contacted me at and requested that their stories be reassigned to their accounts.

Unfortunately, 462 of the 791 authors in the SSA database are still unassociated with AO3 accounts. I'm hoping those authors will eventually contact me at and let me know their account names so I can re-assign their stories.

There have been a number of questions raised since the move and I hope the following will answer them.

Why the move? )

Why am I getting a 'Sorry! This story is only available to registered users of the Archive.' message when I try to read a story? )

I would like to set up an AO3 account, but the queue for the invitations says it might take a month! Can you help? )

Why am I getting a 'We could not find a work imported from that url in the Archive of Our Own, sorry! Try another url?' message when I select a story in the old SSA archive?  )

I have stories in the SSA, but they have not been assigned to my AO3 account )

I already posted my stories to the AO3. Now there are two copies. Should I delete the imported story? )

I deleted my stories on the collection before realizing that would break the redirect links from the SSA. Can you fix the redirects to point to the story I'd already posted? )

My stories on the collection are locked. How do I unlock them so people without AO3 accounts can read them? )

Have a question I haven't covered above? Please ask here (or email me at and I'll do my best to answer.
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ETA1: Whoa, there was nothing when I went to bed (at an appallingly early hour - maybe a person blessed with chronic fatigue wasn't the best choice for archivist). I woke up to an amazing number of emails, since I'm forwarding the ssa.archivist mail to my personal account to make sure I don't miss anything by forgetting to check that account. I will get back to everyone as soon as I can.

ETA2: The import was successful for the most part with the exception of 10 stories that were too long to import to one chapter. The following will need to be handled manually.

List of Stories )

ETA3: To hopefully clarify what is happening when a story already existed on AO3 -

* The import didn't overwrite any pre-existing stories, it just posted them separately associated with the SSA collection.

* If you are 'missing' notifications on (or cannot claim) some or all of your stories due to email/pseudonym changes since the original post to the SSA, please contact Support at with the information and they will help resolve the issue.

* If you want to delete your stories yourself from the collection, for whatever reason, you can! BUT
* if you delete the version imported from the SSA, that means the redirect from the SSA will break

* If you have a copy of a story already on the AO3 and it has comments / kudos you want to keep (or you have the formatting all perfect or whatever), but you don't want to delete the SSA version because you'll then lose the redirect, then you should keep both versions for now

* Down the line, the AO3 team will build a merge tool so you can combine the two versions into one

ETA4: If you use the Search Engine on SSA to find a story, clicking on the link will either open the story on the AO3-SSA collection or display a broken/missing url message on AO3.

This message means that:

1, The author requested their stories be deleted before the import, or
2. The story is one of the too-big stories (see above list), or
3. The author has chosen to delete the SSA collection entry

You can run a search on AO3 to see if the story exists there outside the SSA collection.

ETA5: If you have claimed your stories (and haven't deleted any and broken the re-direct from the old SSA), you may want to consider unlocking the stories so that people who don't have an account and are re-directed can read them. Locked stories aren't visible unless logged into AO3.

ETA6: Claiming and deleting a story from the SSA collection will result in a 'missing url' message when someone selects a story on the old SSA, effectively deleting the story from both locations. Claiming and orphaning the story on the SSA collection will allow the redirect to find the story on the AO3 collection without an author associated with it. However, because nothing can be deleted or edited on the old SSA archive, whether deleted or orphaned on AO3, the story and/or author can be searched for on the old SSA and the summary information will still exist.

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Have a question? Please ask and I'll do my best to answer.
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It's taken a lot of time and effort on the part of many people, but the import of the Smallville Slash Archive into an AO3 collection has been scheduled. This should be great news to everyone who's encountered the 'out of bandwidth' error that's been occurring the latter weeks of each month.

Details can be found at:

The SSA collection has been created on AO3:

and should (fingers crossed) be populated with the stories from the SSA after March 3rd.

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It's been a long time coming, but the SSA (Smallville Slash Archive) migration to AO3 (SSA Collection) is close to testing.

What's needed:

1. At least five volunteers who have posted to the SSA and still have the email address they used there. Testing will involve notices going to the addresses as stories post to the AO3. Please comment with user name in SSA and I will pass them on the the AO3 coder.

2. Volunteers to act as archive 'owners' for stories where there is no account established for the true owner. The archive owners will be able to update, delete, or orphan works as needed.

Note: If stories have already been posted to AO3, the migration will not overwrite them. More details on the migration at:

I'll post again as more information becomes available.


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