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Art: The Making of 'Gravitas' for [ profile] crysothemis

Title: Gravitas
Medium: Digital Manipulation
Pairing or characters: John Sheppard
Rating: G
Summary: John carries the complicated weight of his past.
Artist's notes: I used screencaps from 'The Lost Tribe' with a variety of fractals and clouds (my profile contains my various sources).

I picked up a pinch hit for this year's [ profile] sga_art_santa, and I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first glance because I really admire anyone who can draw or paint, especially someone as talented as my assignment.

Here is your assignment for the SGA Secret Art Santa.
You are creating art for: [ profile] crysothemis
Their request is: I'd really love some kind of John-centric character piece (with or without additional characters, as you wish). It could be funny, angsty, goofy, or sexy -- it's all good. Basically, if John's in there somewhere, I'll be happy. If you'd like a more specific prompt, I'm particularly fond of images of John with his eyes closed or looking down. He could be sleeping, embarrassed, looking at something, whatever -- I just like him with his eyes downcast. In general, I enjoy different media and styles of art, but I'm not in need of icons or headers, and my taste in music is painfully idiosyncratic, so fanmixes are probably not a good fit.

Thankfully, [ profile] crysothemis supplied terrific preferences I could work with, and I do enjoy creating character pieces, so I dove right in and started sorting through the thousands of screencaps I've collected to find the right John with downcast eyes. I had a general idea of what I was looking for (angsty), so I focused on Season 4 and 5, with the exception of Progeny.

Click to see what happened next.... )

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This is a walk-through of the steps I took to create the artworks for Unstable Times, the sequel I'm currently writing for the sequel to Detour to Bethlehem.

Version 1

Version 2 (Accented Edges)

I am going to assume some familiarity with the location of the tools I worked with in my previous Photoshop tutorials, so I'll just reference them by name rather than the full path to their locations or their images, unless I'm introducing something new.

Please do ask questions in the comments if something isn't clear, as I will likely leave out details due to my faulty memory. I also have the .psd files saved and can send them in a zip file for anyone who wants to experiment. You may note there were more saved .psd files than I'll display below because I usually saved before doing extensive erasing/smudging/blurring while trimming the wings and figure of the angel.

Note: I will be including the thought processes behind my image selections, positioning, and lighting, a few of which helped me think through certain plot points as I worked, therefore:

The following (WARNING: image-heavy) potentially contains spoilers for the story, although not necessarily because I'm still writing it. )


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