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The July rec signup post at [ profile] stargateficrec is languishing, I tell you, it's bereft of reccers. Surely someone out there is itching to rec 4 stories in their favorite pairing, genre, friendship, or gen categories?

The mods have made it easy. There's one signup post every month, a simple template (see below), and lists of stories already recced that you can check.

1. Track down a link to your story,
2. Check the lists,
3. Cut/paste the template into your post,
4. Fill in the blanks,
5. Fill in the LJ Subject with Title by Author (Rating),
6. No tagging required - the mods do that at the end of the month - so,
7. Post!

Have a question? I'm happy to help.

Don't let a month go by without SGA story recs! Share four (4) of your favorites!

Cut/paste template )

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Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Thanks so much, [ profile] dramaa_princess, [ profile] davincis_girl, [ profile] twinsarein, [ profile] priscel, [ profile] tarlanx, [ profile] josephina_x, [ profile] tipsywitch - you've made my profile sparkle with all the 's!

I wish I had some stories for you, but my brain has been exceedingly fuzzy due to antibiotics and cough meds for the last month or so. Things are improving, though, so hopefully words will start cooperating for me someday soon.

In the meantime, I collected up a number of wallpapers I'd been working on and posted them to [ profile] sgaartvalentine. It would be wonderful if you could stop by and give all the artists on the community your support so that this wonderful tradition will continue. :-D
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Rather than attempt to put together a Halloween challenge for Twisting the Twilight Zone, I'm going to point everyone toward The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon. It's as laid-back a challenge as one I'd put together. :-D

My story for last year was:

Title: Dead of Night
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Highlight: Vampire fic. The team is mostly dead - temporarily.
Word Count: 2520
Summary: John meets an old enemy who's changed for the worse.

and I'm looking forward to raising a few more goosebumps this year. *evil laugh*
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Go check out the archive:

Go check out the fantastic remix I received: Our End is in Our Beginning, Our Beginning in Our End (The Haze of Time Recalled: the Hollow Man Mix) for my "The Haze of Time Recalled"

Guess correctly which one I remixed before May 5th ends everywhere in the world and you'll win your choice of a 500-word ficlet, a wallpaper/graphic, or an icon to your specification (CLex or McShep, of course).

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I'd like to point the SGA fans on my flist to the latest story by [personal profile] gloriamundi, Signs of Life.

If you've hung around my journal for any time, you likely know I'm all about happy endings.

However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a well-written, compelling story that takes a walk on the darker side. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the story as a beta, and I couldn't resist creating art - it grabbed me that hard. Although it's highlight for spoiler:a death fic, not explicit only suggested, it's more a mystery, a voyage of discovery. I urge you to give it a try.

Next, the McShep Match is about halfway through!

This year, the top five commenters will get a prize, so stop by the link above and check out the rules, and then go enjoy the stories and artworks that have been post so far and keep checking back for more!

Finally, once again it would be great if people would stop by and vote (or even participate) in the icontest comms I enter. You don't need to be a member of the comm to vote.

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

SGA Icontest - weekly
Current voting:

McShep Icontest - weekly
Current voting:

Joe Flanigan/David Hewlett Icontest - biweekly
Current voting:
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Go check out [ profile] tentacle_fest! . Leave a prompt, enter a story, art, vid.

*ponders who needs tentacles*
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Take some time and go check out a new community, [ profile] feelgoodfic. It's multi-fandom and just the place to rec the fics you read whenever you need a little pick-me-up or comfort.

Go! Share the warm fuzzies!
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I had a wonderful time filling as many wishes as I could last year on [ profile] wish_list.

My list is up there.

Go check it out!
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I was just informed [ profile] danceswithclex, my woefully neglected recs list, was pimped at [ profile] smallville_pimp. Whee!

The fandom has been pretty quiet lately, so you should go check out [ profile] aurora_bee's and [ profile] enderwiggin24's new community and think about pimping something you like at [ profile] smallville_pimp. Have some fun!
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[ profile] crack_van is looking for drivers in the Smallville fandom. Go check it out and see about signing up to write some recs. It isn't restricted to CLex, BTW.

I saw that notice in [ profile] sv_fanfic and for just the tiniest flash of an instant, thought about it. Then I remembered the people I regularly beta for, my neglected WIPs, my THREE, make that FOUR challenge fics due before I fly to Prague in June (thereby falling off the internet for two weeks)...and the fact that I haven't updated my own lists in months.

Go for it!
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The Remix Archive is up and available! I had two of my stories remixed and I remixed one. I can't reveal which one until the 26th, but gee whiz, you can probably guess which fandom - at least this year, anyway. :-P.

Go take a look at the multi-fandom extravanganza!
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I am always so excited to see this!

Go, sign up at the Kink/Cliche Challenge!

I did!

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Got an unfinished masterpiece languishing on your hard drive, just waiting for the last bit of inspiration? Well, join the crowd! The crowd, that is, at [ profile] sv_renaissance for the WIP Challenge

Need a cheerleader? Got 'em.
Need someone to brainstorm with? Got those, too.
Need a shoulder to cry on? Yep, they're there.

So, come on in, the water's fine!
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Please go let [ profile] svmadelyn know if you'll be interested in picking up one of the [ profile] undermistletoe challenges. They're great fun and we don't want SV fandom to languish, do we? Right?

If it's any incentive at all, I'll offer myself as beta or as someone to bounce ideas off. *blinks with large puppy eyes*
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I'm obviously in a pimping mood today. *grin*

You all know my love of the CLex and there's a new community, [ profile] sv_renaissance that will hopefully end up chock full of goodies to keep the fires of fandom aflame!

So toddle on over and join us, there's plenty of room for more!
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[ profile] sv_madelyn is looking for input on this year's [ profile] undermistletoe. Go and let her know if you're interested in participating and adding to the sheer joy of SV at the holidays!

You ARE interested, aren't you? *cocks one inquiring brow and frowns just the tiniest bit*


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