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Daughter and I stayed up much too late last night/this morning (2:30 AM) to watch The Lost Room. I wasn't expecting much based on the previews of other shows that ran before getting to the main menu (I mean REALLY bad), but this mini-series was surprisingly good. Decent acting, great mystery, wound up well but could easily have kept going. Daughter agreed.

I could readily watch this a few more times and will probably end up ordering a copy because I can see making either a CLex or McShep adaption or even both since I could take them in entirely different directions with characterizations and incorporating canon.

And did I mention the story was good? :-D
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I know I have SPN fans on my flist, so I'm sending you off to read a story I was lucky enough to beta. It's not Wincest, although it is slashing a unique pairing. There's also some gorgeous artwork to go along with it.

Hell and Fury by [ profile] goth_clark


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