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There are times I get completely absorbed by a question on my flist, end up ignoring everything else because I need to put together an answer and look up and hours have gone by. That happened this morning with a post by [personal profile] keiramarcos about Romance. I started to write a comment and it turned into something I decided to post here to share.

Wherein Val goes a little overboard on listing stories - again )

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I'd like to point the SGA fans on my flist to the latest story by [personal profile] gloriamundi, Signs of Life.

If you've hung around my journal for any time, you likely know I'm all about happy endings.

However, that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a well-written, compelling story that takes a walk on the darker side. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at the story as a beta, and I couldn't resist creating art - it grabbed me that hard. Although it's highlight for spoiler:a death fic, not explicit only suggested, it's more a mystery, a voyage of discovery. I urge you to give it a try.

Next, the McShep Match is about halfway through!

This year, the top five commenters will get a prize, so stop by the link above and check out the rules, and then go enjoy the stories and artworks that have been post so far and keep checking back for more!

Finally, once again it would be great if people would stop by and vote (or even participate) in the icontest comms I enter. You don't need to be a member of the comm to vote.

I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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I'm supposed to be writing drabbles!

My excuses for not posting more than 12 so far have been lame: dealing with a slight fibromyalgia flare and [community profile] sga_newsletter duty are not good reasons for my slacking.

However, spending the morning wheezing and wiping tears of laughter from my eyes while reading Hot Potato by auburn is the best excuse ever. I would be posting it right now on stargateficrec, but it's gen and I have McKay/Sheppard slash duty this month. :-D

Go read this story, but make sure you don't try to eat or drink anything while you enjoy the hilarious babysitting adventures of John and Rodney (who share their travails with the rest of Atlantis).
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Write a story! That's what [ profile] me_ya_ri did with my poor Gary's pain after having three wisdom teeth removed. Taking my wish to take his pain for him, she wrote Sacrifices Denied and cheered up both Gary and me.

Thanks [ profile] me_ya_ri!
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You must read the story [ profile] keiramarcos wrote for the manip I made for her. It's so fantastic when when something like this comes together!

The Air That Angels Breathe

John with wings!

*chair dances in glee*

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My brain isn't completely back on line as far as words are concerned, although I've been poking along with a beta. Between the antibiotics, the pain meds, and the cough meds, it's cloud city over here. However, it was a bad night for insomnia since I've been sleeping 12-16 hours a day for the past week and my body said enough of that.

Thankfully, there was my PDA loaded with all my favorites. One of last night's comfort fics was the Checkmate 'Verse by [ profile] beadattitude. Transformation fics in SGA seem a natural with all those weird machines left behind by those wacky Ancients. Some transformation fics work for me, some don't.

I love this one.

It is, plain and simple, a love story. Yet, it's more. The interactions between a transformed John and the city's various inhabitants is explored wonderfully, adding another dimension to what could have been just Rodney takes care of John - he changes back - they live happily ever after. Rodney shines with his knowledge of cats, yet John the human is still very much there inside a different body, forcing Rodney to tread a very narrow line to avoid offense and future recriminations.

I wanted to create a cover for the series, but couldn't decide which of the several I roughed out to finish. I finally went with two.

Click for Full Size

Click for Full Size and Animation

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I just finished the most incredible story The Difference Engine by [ profile] copperbadge.

For anyone who's enjoyed my feeble attempts at writing sci-fi flavored CLex, I have to point you to this story. You don't need to be someone interested in McKay/Shepherd to be awed by the story of John Sheppard, the 'clockwork' man and his journey to rejoin 'humanity.'

Go and read. You won't be sorry.


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