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There are times I get completely absorbed by a question on my flist, end up ignoring everything else because I need to put together an answer and look up and hours have gone by. That happened this morning with a post by [personal profile] keiramarcos about Romance. I started to write a comment and it turned into something I decided to post here to share.

Wherein Val goes a little overboard on listing stories - again )

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And this just about wraps it up for the updates! I'm going to be scanning back about six months on the comms to make sure I didn't miss anything new, but the bulk of the work is DONE.

Added new list: President Luthor : Lex as US President is major theme.

The rest of the adds behind the cut )

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Down to the final 200!

What's new at danceswithclex )

I can say I've about burned out on the lists. I'll be running through my files for a President Luthor list and adding birthdays and anniversaries to Happy Holidays, then that's it. There will be the occasional update with new stories and fixing broken links, but no new lists. There will be almost 2000 different stories posted and crossposted across 40 lists (after President Luthor).

That's plenty. This was a necessary break because of my writer's block, but now I need to get back to writing.
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Whew! All the lists have blurbs and updated links where needed. The dark list was hell to review. Now I just have to finish going through the last 1000 files to identify any remaining recs, double-check a few comms to make sure I haven't missed any new stories and I'll be done for a while.

The updates )
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I apologize to everyone who's waiting impatiently for me to update my WIPs, but my brain has not been in write mode for a while. I've only been able to manage the occasional short or drabble. Sorry.

In the meantime, I've made some more updates to danceswithclex )

1200 files left to go through. :-)
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For the newcomers, these are updates to the lists on my recs journal, [ profile] danceswithclex.

I've reached the halfway mark in my story reviews, only about 2000 left to re-read for possible recs.

Added blurbs and stories to Some Like It Hot )
Added to X Marks the Spot )

Added to Baby, It's Cold Outside )

Added blurbs and stories to All Hail the Conquering Hero )

Resorted, added blurbs and added stories to Men At Work )

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Changed the banner and layout for [ profile] danceswithclex. Still working on cleaning up broken links, adding blurbs and adding stories to the lists. Maybe eventually there will be fewer comments in other people's journals and delicious links about how badly organized the lists are.

Hoping inspiration will break through the block for my own writing, but at least I'm doing something. :-)

Added to You Must Remember This )
Added to Under The Influence )
Added to Red!Clark )

Added blurbs, remembered how to alphabetize, then added to At The Movies )
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I hate when I'm suffering from writer's (and artist's) block, mostly because I feel so unproductive. After all, it's not as if I can focus on my real life job instead. :-/

As a result, I've begun reviewing my CLex collection with an eye to FINALLY updating the rec lists. That's right, I'm actually going through over 5000 stories: sorting, weighing, discarding where necessary, and writing up the survivors.

Of course, that means I'm also revisiting my criteria because they are REC lists, not all-inclusive theme lists. I suspect that stories will fall off the lists this time around because of broken links, but also because two plus years after the initial posts my tastes and my tolerances have evolved.

You may end up going through the revised lists and saying, "But so-and-so's classic story such-and-such isn't on the list!" You are welcome to make recommendations here, but I may end up rejecting them because of several reasons:

1. I don't care for the storyline/plot/characterizations. With very few exceptions,that means:
a. Slave-fic (alien overlords may end up on exception list)
b. Character-bashing (except Lionel and the canon baddies)
c. Het and that includes gender-benders written for the sake of het (threesomes okay)
d. Excessive out-of-character behavior unless specifically written as crack-fic
e. Stories without a plot written just for the sake of sex
f. Underage and dub-con and non-con written for titillation, not logical progression of plot
g. Disturbing scenes involving body fluids, orifices, mutilation, mental and physical abuse
h. Negative/stereotypical behavior based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation
i. I've read the exact same plot too many times and there's nothing special about the story

2. Bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A few mistakes are fine. I make them myself. However, I'm a beta. I can't turn that internal editor off. It's literally painful when I encounter six mistakes in the first three hundred words. It may be the most fascinating plot line ever with incredibly adept characterizations, but if the story changes tenses and POV's randomly along with egregious abuse of lose/loose, they're/their/there, you're/your, and its/it's - it won't be appearing on the lists.

With any luck, the reading and sorting will kickstart my own work. If not, at least one item on my to-do list will end up crossed off. :-D
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I just finished a very good SPN/SGA crossover, What Happens in Vegas. It's pairings are (McKay/Sheppard) and (Dean/Castiel) and balances between both 'verses nicely, splitting the POV between John and Dean as the Atlantis team works with the Winchesters to save the Earth from a Wraith invasion.
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No, I haven't abandoned CLex for McShep completely, although I've certainly been spending a great deal of time lately exploring Atlantis. As long as I can still find great stories like [personal profile] dm_wyatt's Superman For Sale to read and and enjoy, I'll definitely be sticking around. Unfortunately, I must admit it took me too long to finish re-reading it from the beginning and to let the author know how much I enjoyed it, so I'm doing it now.

In this futurefic, Lex Luthor has lucked into an opportunity to best his nemesis and he takes advantage of it. A magical binding spell leaves Clark at Lex's mercy, but things soon change. Although there's some torture Clark going on in the story, overall it's lighter than you might first think. The tug-of-war between Lex and Clark as they start to understand each other ranges from bitter to amusing and, most importantly for me, there's a happy ending for the boys I love.

This is a nice long read and one that I'll be revisiting in the future. It's definitely going in [community profile] danceswithclex when I update. I hope you enjoy it too and, as always, please take the time to let the author know the writing is appreciated. It's the best way to ensure the fics will keep coming.
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Here there be tentacle!pron - not mine but very purple

I don't think I've ever had one of my stories be quite so inspirational before. *grin*


Dec. 27th, 2007 07:44 am
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I read so many great fics everyday and also have the wonderful opportunity to beta a few of them (sneak peeks - yay!). Not to play favorites, I'd like to point out two recent postings that I really enjoyed beta'ing:

Bending Near The Earth by [ profile] bev_crusher1971 Clark saves an amnesiac Lex.

Inseparable by [ profile] bagheera_san An entry for [ profile] plnunn's doujinshi challenge, a sweeping tale of a hidden world and handcuffs. Great stuff!
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Please update your bookmarks. The Master List has moved to: Legendary Lives, the CLex Recs Journal
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I have three Basic accounts setup ([ profile] danceswithclex ,[ profile] sv_rectheclex, and [ profile] rectheclex) and the rectheclex accounts point to danceswithclex.

I deliberately set the accounts as Basic so that a lapsed paid account would not degrade to a Plus account which is LJ's new default.

FYI, I chose Basic when I set them up and LJ still set them to Plus and I had to use Manage Account to downgrade them. Aggravating.

So, I've started copying the lists if you want to mosey on over and check out the setup. :-D
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I just posted this plea at [ profile] svroundtable and I'm repeating it here for any of my readers not following that community. Here's your chance, go for it! Don't make me name names. *grin*

Now that I've finished my month at [ profile] svroundtable, I'm looking out there for someone to save me from [ profile] enderwiggin24 who is hovering over me with a set of handcuffs and threatening to chain me to the table. I know there are a bunch of you out there dying to have your chance to voice your opinions, to stand up for your favorite stories, vids, artwork, artists, authors, themes not yet touched on. And there are people out there who are full of recs for Smallville pairings other than CLex. I'd love to see what other people like, I chased down a lot of my favorites from past posts here and am always looking for hidden gems.

You know you want to!

Just scoot on over the the sign-up post here and be my hero. All it takes is one post a week for the month (see user info for details), not the insanity that I just went through. Really!

Please, my unwritten stories are begging you! *puppy eyes*

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Oddly enough, I actually started reading Smallville fan fiction over a year before I saw my first episode.

Some rambling on my life and SV and some recs )


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