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My daughter just called from DragonCon where she had a lovely conversation with David Hewlett. She took two pieces of my art with her, one for him to sign and one for him to keep if he'd like - no pressure.

The one he signed (I'll get the signed one in the mail after she returns)

Click for fullsize

The one he kept (Dragon! DragonCon!)

Click for fullsize

In addition, he asked if I had a website where he could check out other pieces (I managed to send an unsigned piece I did for sgareversebang - doh!). Daughter stammered a bit and said I also did McShep pieces and he smiled and said he understood, but still pressed for more info especially after she mentioned my disability. He's currently working on a documentary about disabled people needing a brain/mech interface to allow them more freedom (sic) and is very interested in how the internet facilitates interaction for disabled people who used to languish in isolation. He ended up giving daughter his email address so she could send links to my less slashy pieces. Really, I do have those. *grin*

She was so excited and said he was the best celebrity she's ever met!

So cool.

Also reminds me I have a huge post of art and icons to do when I can summon the energy.
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This all started with a post by [ profile] sgamadison where she shared a picture of her cat, Simon, and a few of his photoshopped adventures. It made me smile and then inspired me to send Simon on an adventure to Atlantis.

Title: Simon Simon Goes Through The Gate
Author/Artist: danceswithgary
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (but that's a cat's opinion).
Rating: So very, very G that you could read it to young children. Maybe. Well, there is that time....
Warning: This is cracky and extremely pasted-on yay! fun which flirts with canon but never, ever, takes it seriously.
Summary: Simon didn't really expect to get his wish, let alone end up being sucked into a green, whirly whatsis and spat out on a slippery marble floor in a strange dark somewhere most definitely not home.

Simon Goes Through The Gate --- Warning: very image heavy )


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