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In between finishing up a beta, I've been tinkering in Vegas Movie Studio and prepping for a vid I'm going to put together for [profile] stargateland. To that end, I've created a production title and a post-credit segment, because those are important, right? :-P

Take a look, I think you might recognize a few characters.

A Two Puppy Production Title

Post Credits Two Puppy Production

In other news, I'm cranky because I lost my LJ style and had to log a ticket to get it back. Sure, I could go through and set it all up again, but I'm going to be a bitch and say "This is a paid account, they can damn well fix it." In the meantime, it's back to the old blue header, which always makes me realize how much I've improved in Photoshop since I made that one.

A 100.5 degree fever tends to bring out the worst in me, especially when it's unseasonably warm outside. :-(
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Today is a good example. I have:

Puppies with new haircuts that make them look and feel like plush toys. So freaking cute!

Puppies chasing butterflies. So freaking cute! I'm working on a puppy picspam - I have a lot of pics to go through. :-)

New video editing software after waiting nine long days for delivery. (I went with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0)

Many challenge items either completed or well underway.

I'm continuing to make dents in the challenges, but not in reading/commenting/finding stories/writing recs. Bad Val, no cookies.

What I'm currently working on (or signed up for):

The Smallville Nostalgia Challenge finished and went live today!

Artwork for two three [ profile] hewliganbigbang stories (3 of 3 done) Goes live 5/21!

Beta for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang story (3/4 done - loooooong story)

Artwork for two 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang stories

Three (3 - OMG I'm insane) [community profile] romcomorama remixes - thank goodness for slippery due dates
The Cutting Edge - SGA (2000 words written),
No Reservations - SGA (10,000 words written),
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - SV (1000 words written)

[profile] sheppard_hc fic exchange - assignment received

[profile] sgaartvalentine SGA Art Shindig

I have my [community profile] clexmas Bingo card!

Artwork for [ profile] atlantisbigbang waiting for claims post

Artwork for [ profile] scifibigbang waiting for claims post

Ongoing challenges/communities I'm involved in:

[ profile] mcshep_icontest
[ profile] sga_icontest
[ profile] mcsheplets
[ profile] stargateficrec
[ profile] sga_newsletter
[ profile] stargateland (Team Atlantis, of course)
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I knew that it wasn't easy coming up with slick-looking songvids, but now I really know. I have been doing everything I possibly can the wrong way first, which is a learning experience, but extremely frustrating. I have two more days before I have to decide whether it's going to happen and still have time to put together art (which I need either way). I'd really like to finish because this has been days of work and not reading or writing or just about anything else.

I may never do another one of these, but at least I know which vidding program NOT to buy if I continue, although the free month trial was handy.

Having the program hang after 2 days of editing sources in a single file and then not being able to work with the file I'd so diligently saved (oh, that's a known issue when you have more than 20 or so pieces of media spliced in) was rage-inducing. I've learned to save in much smaller work files, but I'm still worrying about the potential for hanging as I add in the pieces to the final.

Well, back to the grindstone. :-)


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