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Thanks to ellyfanfiction, I went Googling for discussions on the new Kindle Words project on Amazon. It took two pages of results to find something other than 'hurrah, you can get paid' press releases, but I think addresses more than a few of my concerns.

As I've stated in my sticky post on LJ and DW, I won't be selling my fan fiction anywhere. I really like the concept of fanworks for free.
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Or how Val is spending too much time being furious about the new less-than-user friendly interface and other awful changes to the tag list.

First, I'm so very thankful I didn't give into the impulse to put [ profile] danceswithclex in Delicious and that I don't have a personal account to agonize over. I prefer copying everything down to my hard drive and I sympathize with everyone who's tearing their hair out over not being able to access their links easily (if at all).

My issue is the tagging for [ profile] sga_newsletter. This is a task shared between four mods who tag and post the newsletter every day (well, unless we run into a snag). We generally rotate on a 2 days on, 5-7 days off basis and I lucked into the transition days.


Yesterday's sga_newsletter tagging was interesting. Still the old interface, but typing in tags didn't auto-fill until I used a tag at least once and the counts that popped up in autofill were in the single digits. At least the list of tags was still there with accurate counts so I could double-check the tags I typed in and the daily drop went through okay.

Today, all bets are off.

Of the over 54,000 links in the account, The only tags that appear in the tag list are the those I used yesterday with the addition of a has:Fanfic tag? I tried to delete all the occurrences of the mystery tag before I started tagging, because I was interested in whether Delicious is creating that on its own or whether we're getting bleed through from someone else's tags. Unfortunately, Delicious does not have the tools to bulk edit tags working yet, which might have allowed me to 'touch' each old tag and force it to be recognized, so I had to delete each one of the mystery tags by hand.

When I selected by tag and picked the link in the result and edited, on save I was returned to my original link list, not the result list, which meant I had to reselect the tag. Oh, so user-friendly. If I roll my eyes any harder they'll fall out.

Note: There's no number of links returned when a tag is selected and no page count (or even a second page so you only get one page of results), so it took me a while to conclude the has:Fanfic tag was applied by Delicious during their so-called migration on all of the fanfic items. I gave up on clearing it out, I'll just make sure the new tags don't have it.

The worst part is trying to make sure I'm typing the tags in correctly since it won't autofill and I no longer have the list of tags to double check. The tags that do appear are not sorted alphabetically but seem to be by the invisible counts (which would be easier to confirm if the counts weren't invisible).

I'm not holding out a lot of hope for the daily drop for the newsletter even though they claim to be supporting all the old apis and tools. I can't access the scheduling page to check, so I guess I'll have to wait until the usual time.

Then, I'll likely end up coding the newsletter by hand while using extremely foul language.

Right now, I'm teary-eyed in rage because this is such a frakking mess and I abhor doing things manually when tools used to exist to make life easier. Speaking from the perspective of someone who used to design and build customer support databases and tools as well as test/support software releases, this fails on so many points considering the size of the 'customer' base involved. I would have been fired if I let something like this go live.

ETA: The drop failed. Cursing now begins as I hand-code the newsletter. Thank goodness someone created a template for the categories sometime in the past. :-/
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I'm not usually one for overt fangirling, but this caught my eye while I was tagging for today's newsletter.

Check out the article on the top Sci-fi icons.

John Sheppard and Rodney McKay - let alone Teyla Emmagan and Ronon Dex - didn't even make the list!!!!!

Worse, they're not making a good showing on the Solution's Top 5 Stargate Icons Poll.

Our beloved team needs some love and support and votes!
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Leave a comment on one of my posts telling me I'm supposed to act as a fandom hall monitor.

Yep, that'll do it.
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Just like a lot of people, I get aggravated at times when fanworks are deleted, but this is a terrible idea.

ETA: I might grumble every time I go through my rec lists and have to remove 'lost' fics, but as an author/artist I support the right to remove the work (as much as anyone can with webarchives out there). I have thousands of fics saved to my hard drive, but that's as far as they go. I have one file I know can be distributed, but I avoid telling people I have it because the last time I sent out over 200 copies from a storyfinders post :-/

There are so many different reasons for fanworks or journals or blogs to have been deleted and every one is legitimate even if you don't like it because that person owns those items and it's their right to do what they like with them. If the creator has explicitly said they don't mind copies being distributed, that's one thing, but that shouldn't be the default action or assumed to be the case.

Personally, I think it's rude and entitled to override the creator's wishes and, if that becomes the accepted practice, there may be fewer people willing to put their work out there because of the 'once you post you no longer own it' attitudes they encounter in the fannish community. In addition, sharing the work against the creator's wishes might end up causing them a problem - financially, emotionally, socially, in their home or at work.

Their work - their choice.


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