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...but not having internet access for 4 days was hell in a first world issues way. It is my tether to the world, especially when Gary is out-of-town for weeks (like now). Thankfully, I had some very long stories sitting in my To Read folder, so new McSheppiness kept me from complete despair.

Now, I need to quickly make some icons and then see how much I've missed in my games!

PS. To see why no internet, Rochester Windstorm of 2017. At least I kept my power and didn't lose any of my trees.
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A while back [personal profile] kate posted her statistics from AO3. Sitting here a wee bit bored because my most recent time waster was downloading and I'm mulling over the next scene in my sga_santa story, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Warning: Serving a little whine with those stats )
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Got in about noon on Sunday and started to unpack immediately because only rented truck until Monday 11 AM [today]. Too exhausted to tell tales of the horrors of packing/moving.

*falls down mostly dead*

*raises hand weakly to huzzah*

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First the trip from Rochester to Lansing (which always exhausts me) then 2 days later a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Absolutely gorgeous views along the lakes, although we had to make an emergency stop for a day because I had a blindingly painful migraine. Gary and the dogs went for a walk in the nearby national park and he managed to get lost and end up asking a ranger for directions. That resulted in a $125 ticket for having them in a no dogs area - even with them on a leash and him carrying poop bags. A slightly more expensive 3-day trip than we planned. *sigh*

Back home now, but my Mac is currently out of commission due to an extremely stupid accident involving a large mug of water and a very clumsy Val. I was able to backup the most important data before it shut down, but now I have to transfer it onto what was supposed to be Gary's new computer and is now mine until the Mac can hopefully be repaired. Unfortunately, it also means no new artwork for a while.

One of the files I did lose was a quick and dirty list of McShep Match stories I'd read and needed to leave comments on. I missed to deadline for the polls, but I will be commenting... eventually.

After I recover from the trip.

*melts into sofa and begins snoring*
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I hate it when my journal style and customization disappears. I'm even too tired to file a support ticket. *sigh*
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I was in a decent mood when I walked into the pet store today with the girls, who were being well-behaved and charming everyone they met.

I walked out pissed off at the idiotic woman who attempted to convince me that her chiropractor could 'fix me up' so that I wouldn't need a cane anymore.

The cane I use because I get tired and dizzy and my hip seizes up occasionally.

I said, "Thanks, but I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. A chiropractor does not handle autoimmune diseases."

She wouldn't quit and I finally said, "No!" and walked away, but I couldn't leave my bad mood behind with her.

I already have to deal with my well-meaning family and friends sharing all the latest suggestions they've picked up from who knows where. I'm not a stupid woman, I'm able to research as well or better than they can. I'm tired of hearing how I should be able to get better if I just tried blah, blah, blah. It took me years to give in and admit I was disabled and I'm doing the best I can with my restrictions. Gary is the only one who seems to understand that and not push me.

Got a suggestion for me?

Please don't bother.


I still have enough strength left to do some damage with my cane. :-(
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I have officially spent too much time being pissed off about people using not-so-smart quotes and auto-replacing with special characters, inconsistent character encoding across websites, and the difficulty of transferring simple text files from my Mac to my PDA.

I'm going to ignore the hundreds of files I've saved over the past two months that I now have to open and re-save with the 'correct' encoding for my PDA and attempt to finish the two challenge fics due by the 10th. My writers block is bad enough without my usual obsessive need to solve software problems. *rolls eyes at self*

In other news, I'm alive - if not exceeding well - and the puppies are doing wonderfully in obedience class. The need to take them for daily walks in the park to reinforce their lessons and their socialization is good because that means I get off my ever-expanding ass and move my aching body very slowly for an hour every day. My 10-year-old niece arrives this weekend from NC to stay for two weeks, which should prove a nice distraction (and means I really need to finish the stories NOW).
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Dear Waste Disposal Company,

I'm unhappy about how I found my trash receptacles this morning (7/19/2010). The large wheeled container was left in the middle of my driveway six inches from the road and could easily have caused an accident if someone had driven too close to the edge. In addition, the blue recycling container was ten feet away, also in the driveway and upside down, obviously flung there after being emptied.

I realize there are schedules to keep, but I really don't think taking the extra few seconds to make sure the containers are put back where they were and out of the way of road and driveway traffic is too much to ask.

That's the email I sent with my address so that they know which idiot is responsible.

This is what I wanted to add:

It's bad enough that I had to be the one to take the trash up to the road (along a 100 foot driveway with ruts and potholes) because my husband is still off riding around the country in his version of 'Wild Hogs,' leaving me home to take care of this crap, so he can then say stupid things when he gets home like, "You should have just left it for another week." The passive-aggressive crap with the middle of the driveway placement just makes it so much more aggravating. If someone had needed to get into the driveway, they would have had to park on a heavily-traveled road with narrow shoulders and a 40mph speed limit that people translate to 55mph, and then get out of their car and move the containers.

That person needing to get in? Might have been my daughter. Assholes.
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There will be no writing until my sister has come and gone.

Although this sister lives only 30 minutes away, I haven't seen her for a year and a half. She worked as an office manager/receptionist at a pediatrician's office, as well as babysat for her toddler grandson, so I couldn't risk the exposure. She was laid off two weeks ago and the grandson isn't a constant presence anymore, so she decided it was time to risk a visit.

Hey, why not, after all I haven't been on antibiotics for almost three months. *sigh*

She wanted to 'take me out' because I've been housebound for too long, disregarding the fact that if I wanted to I could have Gary chauffeur me anywhere my heart desired. Gary did explain to her on the phone that the heat makes my skin hurt (latest lovely new symptom of my neuropathy) and that I'll be staying in the air-conditioning thanks very much.

It's not that I don't love my family, it's that I always end up sicker after their visits. I also get to put up with their amusement at my inability to whisper more than a few words at a time before coughing, in addition to their well-meaning attempts at advice about doctors, pain management, medications, blah blah blah.

Believe it or not, I'm also dreading this sister's storytelling. She's always been able to make me laugh and the last time it was so hard I had to go outside in below freezing temps in order to calm my coughing and wheezing down before I passed out. Fun times.

At least Gary will be here as a buffer of sorts. Good timing, actually, because he leaves for another two-week motorcycle trip tomorrow morning. He'll be able to fill in some of the blanks.

To be honest, I'm itching to make the visit a little less one-sided by sharing some of what I do in my isolation. She's pretty straitlaced, so explaining I write fan fiction is out, but I'm thinking I'll show off a selection of my G-rated artwork on my nice new big flat screen TV. Picking the pieces out should help keep me occupied until she gets here in about four hours.

*begins to compile favorites*
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In more ways than one. I just started a 6-day cortisone pack for a major pain flare and, from experience, my temper will be (hell, it already is) appalling for about a week. Little things that I can usually let slide become major issues and my editors go offline. It's better for all concerned if I back away from the keyboard, my flist, (and meta) and focus on attempting to make headway on my challenge fics. Gary's lucky he'll be out of the house most of the time and then leaves for Minnesota on Saturday for two weeks.

In short: I'm here, I'll likely make the occasional comment even shorter than usual, and there's the SGA Newsletter. That'll be about it unless the short story fairy waves a magical wand and fic falls out. Hmmm, is that the fairy for short stories or the short fairy for stories. This is why the hyphens that drove my former beta crazy are my friends.

Please, drop me a PM if I haven't responded to something needed or as expected.
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I woke up a little achy and sniffly this morning, but dismissed it as the usual arthritis and allergies. Life was good because I finished and posted a new story with art.

That high didn't last long. Now I have a fever of 101.5 and I can't breathe and I'm coughing even more than usual and I ache.

I just love when I visit a doctor's office and come home infected.

*sighs and takes decongestant, expectorant, and cough suppressant before vegatizing*
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It seems that because I wasn't 'watching' remixers_lounge in my f-list, I completely missed the announcements and signup for this year's remix_redux. I've participated enthusiastically the past two years, I've even been a pinch hitter, and this year nothing. I guess that'll teach me to keep my comms list trimmed down.

The only reason I found out about it was because I was looking through the collections on AO3. I Googled to see if I'd missed an announcement elsewhere, but couldn't find one - there certainly wasn't one in sga_newsletter or sv_ledger because the community's not on the watch list for them either.

I am so incredibly bummed because I've always thought it was a fun challenge to participate in. For a brief moment, I thought about signing up as a pinch hitter anyway, but I'm too damn bitter about the whole thing right now.

*has temper tantrum and kicks internet*
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Of course the delicious feed for the SGA newsletter failed three times. Considering the response times today, I'd have been surprised if it worked. Now I get to construct the newsletter manually. *mumbles many bad words*

The only positive part of today is that while I was waiting for the feed to fail for the second and third time and correcting my links in DW, I was re-reading some of my 2007 stories and their comments. It was a mixture of fun and bittersweet reliving those days when I would often receive more than the 15 comments that I now consider a wildly successful story. :-)
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In between [community profile] sga_newsletter duties,
squeeing and trash talkin' *grin* about [community profile] mcshep_match,
fixing the broken links on my import from LJ to DW,
and reformatting certain stories in AO3 (darn bug doesn't like large chunks in italics or bold so needed to add html to fix),
there was my physical )

What it all boils down to is I didn't get to write anything and I have two April deadlines looming. *sigh*

Ah well, there is tomorrow after I tag and post the newsletter, and then the weekend because Gary is going skiing in Vermont for a last hurrah for this season.

*scurries off to catch up on f-list*
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...and imported all my LJ posts. Now I have to go back through and correct the links to multi-chapter stories. That's a lot of links.

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Hint to authors: If I have to search through your journal to find all the parts to your wonderful story because you haven't bothered to tag them with something more useful than clex or to imbed the link to the next part, then there's a very good chance I'm going to get pissed off and not write a rec for it.

Also, please realize that if you imported your entries to Dreamwidth from LJ, your imbedded links will point to the old LJ posts until you fix them. This means if you've friends-locked your LJ and are pointing people to DW for your fic, they will also have to search through your journal for the next part. That is one reason why I haven't imported all my fic to DW - even though I DO tag for multi-part stories and the next part could be found using them - it would be too annoying for the reader.

Back to your regularly scheduled surfing.
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Stupidest invention in the world: Self-cleaning ovens
Stupidest person in the world: Husband who uses self-cleaning oven over protests that the house will fill with smoke that will cause coughing and wheezing

I'm currently sequestered in my bedroom where I retreated, towel stuffed into the crack at the bottom of the door. I've been here for four hours, first three of which were spent drugged unconscious in an attempt to calm down the coughing and headache. I emerged long enough to take a shower and confirm that the air was still toxic to me. Turning on the air-conditioning was an ill-advised experiment that resulted in cycling the still obnoxious smells into my bedroom. I'm back to all windows open and fans.

This is not the first time we've had an argument about his desire to kill me via smoke and fumes. It's the first time I've lost on the oven issue, although I've previously lost on paint and cleaning products.

It hurts to breathe and my head is killing me and I can't simply go outside because of the sun and the mosquitoes lurking in the shade (insect repellent and sun screen are guaranteed to cause further problems). Going shopping in a nice air-conditioned store or mall exposes me to people who wear perfumes and exude infectious particles. Even when the air finally clears, my couch will still smell, likely for days. My husband reeks of the fumes and I sent him out of the room when he came in to insist that he had to put me through this torture because whatever was spilled in the oven would smoke every time he used it. Yes, it would, but not to the same extent.

I dashed out long enough to grab some drink, food and my laptop (quite amusing - my hobbling about at something less than high-speed). I have about an hour or so on the battery. Will engage in next commando raid then for power cord, but nothing will make up for having to sit in a highly uncomfortable Ikea contraption masquerading as a chair.

I hate this.
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I sit down with my juice and start reading through my flist, hoping my nausea will settle quickly this morning and make three whole comments and get:

You've been temporarily banned from accessing LiveJournal, perhaps because you were hitting the site too quickly. Please make sure that you're following our Bot Policy. If you have questions, contact us at with the following information: gobbledegook numbers @

I check their 'policy' which means nothing IF YOU'RE NOT A BOT and then fire off a much politer email than I wanted.

I would like my account freed back up immediately.

I have had a paid account for years and if my information had been accessed to show I've received almost 20,000 comments over the last three, a few thousand more more than I've made myself, along with over a thousand posts, and that I have almost 400 MUTUAL friends, then maybe I wouldn't have fallen into your filter.

Yes, I do access LiveJournal often. I happen to be disabled and it is a primary form of entertainment to me and I have a lot of 'friends' and communities I follow.

Please fix this now.

I was able to leave a comment a few minutes ago, so hopefully this is cleared up.

ETA (after going back to bed for another two hours and a nice long bath):

Dear Val,

I am sorry for the frustration this error caused you. We are unsure why you received this error message, as no block is in place on you at this time, but the error should clear if you refresh the browser page.

If you're still getting this error after refreshing the page and clearing your browser's cache [], please let us know and we'll investigate further. I apologize for the inconvenience; we're looking into why some of our users are getting this message about a temporary block when you're clearly not a bot.


LiveJournal Customer Support

Okay, I appear to be just fine and LJ gets a cookie for having an actual person follow up in a timely fashion. I will now return to my normal LJ surfing and not-really-as-often-as-I-should commenting. I still have 'Quicksand' and 'Alabaster' to read on comment on and another 6 or so SGA really long stories to finish reading and I owe recs and a beta and....

I do keep busy. :-D


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