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This past weekend we picked up and moved back to Rochester for almost a month, then we're back to Lansing again. I've been spending my time doing all sorts of 'stuff' then resting (drugged sleep) from doing 'stuff'.

I will catch up someday.

It's great being home, even though we're going to be spending days cleaning up after last spring's flood in the basement. We no longer have a washer or dryer, so we get to visit the laundromat while we're here. Good times.
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I wanted to share what my wonderful daughter presented me for my birthday! It's a watercolor painting for Molly and Tessa created from a composite of images, but mostly from:

M&T posing for CGC exercise - Click for fullsize

M&T Painting - Click for fullsize

My daughter cleverly asked me for puppy pictures for a screensaver and then she picked out and described what she wanted for the the artist, Chazandra on etsy

My other birthday present was from Gary. He ordered an iPod Touch for me and it should arrive Mondayish. It will replace my faithful iPAQ, which is still functional for my late night reading and solitaire games, but has become too heavy for my increasingly arthritic, fumbling hands. We went to several stores to check out the weight and size and readability of a variety of MP3 players and e-readers and tablets, and it came down to the Samsung Galaxy 5.0 and the iPod Touch. After we finished our research (over several months - not in a hurry) I picked the Samsung, only to find out it had been discontinued, so the iPod ended up the winner by default. Twice the price, but there'll be the advantage of easy syncing with my MacBook.

A new piece of technology to play with - and pretty too!

Gary and I bought a frame for the painting today and, after it's put together, it will be the only piece of art I've put up on the walls of our rented house. It's going to go on the wall across from where I sit most of the day; the sofa where I click away on my Mac while Gary plays DC Universe Online on our big flat screen TV that we don't watch TV on. I bought him a year's membership for Xmas - he'd been playing for free for months and couldn't go any higher with his 'toons.

Sometimes I play the game too, usually when Gary is chauffeuring our daughter to class and whatnot , but mostly I'm the spotter during battles and searches. Our primary 'toon is Psyverde, a flyer with psychic powers that kicks ass with hand blasters and shields. Her role in multiplayer raids is to supply power to the other players along with dazing and confusing the bad guys.

It's funny when other players assume we're Brazilian because of her name and we have to explain that we only chat in English. I just wanted something that referenced her powers plus the main color of her costume.

Psyverde in hero pose. Click for fullsize

Psyverde has special skin - Cosmic style. The stars and planets constantly move in a slow galactic dance.

Click for fullsize

At night, after I go to bed, Gary switches to his villain 'toons. :-)
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I'm 56 years old - how did that happen so fast?

I've been dancing around the edges of fandom lately - rarely posting this past year - so it was a wonderful surprise to have so many people send me good wishes and e-cards and scrapbook art pages and profile pretties.

[personal profile] sgamadison
[personal profile] mrs_sweetpeach
[ profile] melodysparks
[ profile] roxymissrose
[ profile] ctbn60
[ profile] tasabian
[ profile] syble4
[ profile] djadddict
[ profile] mckaysmonkey
[ profile] elesecks
[ profile] hilde
[ profile] neevebrody
[ profile] elikiros
[ profile] eternal_moonie
[ profile] nrrrdy_grrrl
[ profile] goth_clark
[ profile] lapetite_kiki
[ profile] trobadora
[ profile] trillingstar
[ profile] melagan
[ profile] tallihensia
[ profile] arisus
[ profile] hajimebassaidai
[ profile] starbuckssue
[ profile] wanted_a_pony
[ profile] timespirt

I apologize if I missed someone, because I really appreciate the kind thoughts and wishes.

Now, back to finishing the artwork I owe for [ profile] smallfandombang and [community profile] tentaclebigbang!
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...and relax enough to read stories, view artworks, and comment. *whew*

I just looked at my Unsorted folders in both SGA and SV and winced at the number I still haven't managed to read and comment on - some from back in May when this whole 'temporarily moving to another state' thing started - but I'm also looking forward to devouring the feast of goodies.

I have been able to sample a few short stories from the [ profile] mcshep_match and they've been wonderful! I strongly encourage everyone to stop by the match to read stories and view art and vote, even if you're not one to comment. *ahem* I also happen to be on Team Time this year, and I'd love to know if anyone can guess my entry when the posting is finished. :-D

As an aside, we've been exploring Lansing/East Lansing and it's a nice place outside of the sadness seeing so many properties closed and for sale due to the depressed economy. Fortunately, the area has the university and government offices to help offset the loss of the auto industries. The dogs are certainly enjoying the walks around the neighborhood.
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I just finished watching the finale for Lost, which left me a weepy mess and a tad introspective.

For many, many years (God, has it really been 30 years?) I didn't watch television, with the exception of The Amazing Race until it turned into too much in-fighting instead of actual racing. We gave up cable to save money when my daughter was three/I went back to school and we never turned it back on. We rented movies to watch together as a family when we had time and that was it. I was vaguely aware of the existence of certain series from chats at work, but nothing induced me to sit and watch them.

Smallville fanfic/fandom changed that for me to some extent. I bought the DVDs and caught up with the action and started writing and, a few years later, Stargate Atlantis (and Stargate SG-1) became my second fandom. In the last six years, I truly haven't been lured by any other fandoms despite the squee on my flist.

In the past year, while struggling with my health and the accompanying brain fog, I've been using Netflix streaming and watching a lot of those series I'd 'missed' while working and dancing and traveling. Although I enjoyed the following, none of them made me want to write about them or even go looking for fanfic. I starred the shows I can see myself writing crossover/fusions with SV and SGA. They're roughly in order from the most recent backwards and I didn't list any series that I quit watching before the end.

List of TV series )

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I'm currently muttering 'ow' from a short walk (mile or so) through Highland Park with Gary and the dogs. It was something different to celebrate our anniversary 38 years together, 36 of those married.

It was a pleasant walk, a chance to introduce Molly and Tessa to other dogs and children. Tessa, in particular, is still too aggressive toward other dogs, although both of them love meeting kids. Not too many flowers this early in the season, but there were enough in bloom to catch a lovely whiff of lilac now and then. Sorry, no pictures. I figured handling the dogs and a cane and hills was enough of a challenge.

What's been happening:

1. My chronic fatigue has been killer lately. I fall asleep around 9 PM and get up about 10 AM most days. That tends to limit what I can accomplish the remaining 11-12 hours of my day, especially if I also nap for 2 hours in the afternoon. *sigh*

2. I owe many things on the fandom side:
a. CLex drabbles
b. 8 SGA recs (McShep and John Sheppard)
c. Last 350 stories in the SSA import to AO3
d. Final FAQ on SSA import for SV comms
e. Werewolfbigbang art

3. After I've finished the above, hopefully I'll be inspired to clean up my puppy photos and videos for posting, then actually writing something. I miss writing. I miss having a brain that's able to write.

4. On the fun side, Gary has been home and playing DC Universe Online while sitting next to me on the loveseat, puppies snuggled between us. I watch and poke away at the SSA collection. We're also enjoying 'White Collar' on Netflix after finishing 'Heroes' - next up is 'Eureka' with the new season recently added.
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Gary gave me concrete... in the form of a sidewalk and patio in place of the gravel that's been there since last fall. We've been having such unseasonably warm weather, the masons built the forms on Tuesday and I woke up Wednesday to the dulcet sounds of a cement mixer. That's a few less sources of dirt and mud for the pups to track inside. *grin*

I also have daffodils in bloom and...wait for season is officially over! Of course, that means motorcycle season is starting, but I'm hoping Gary will be around for at least a few days to help me 'clean all the things' or a reasonable facsimile of that.

On to the thanks for the lovely birthday greetings and gifts yesterday - they made my day even brighter than the sunshine and daffodils!

I received:
An adorable J/R manip from [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach
A box of candy on my profile from [ profile] elesecks
A blue dragon on my profile from [ profile] priscel
A pink dragon on my profile from [ profile] tarlanx
A tropical bear on my profile from [ profile] timespirt
A dreaming Clark from [ profile] tasabian
A chocolate torte on my profile from [ profile] hilde
A ticker tape machine on my profile from [ profile] neevebrody *tosses confetti*
Heart balloons on my profile from [ profile] roxymissrose

and greetings from:

[ profile] elikiros
[ profile] djaddict
[ profile] lapetite_kiki
[personal profile] rellan
[ profile] josephina_x
[ profile] ctbn60

I hope I didn't miss anyone's greetings in my rush to finish up my 'Still in Love with... John and Rodney' post where, unfortunately, I wasn't able to squeeze in more than one prompt a person.

I still owe Clark/Lex drabbles, which I hope to post soonish because I'm still in love with those boys too!

Other items still in my fannish queue:

3. Finish Hewligan cover in the next six days for smallfandombigbang (haven't forgotten, [ profile] tarlanx).
2. Another SSA info post about invites, unlocking stories for unregistered readers, and so on.
3. SSA reconciliation (~2300 stories still unassigned to authors' accounts in AO3),
4. Enjoy the 35+ stories saved in my reading folder to read and comment on.

Please let me know if I've missed something you've posted while working head down on the SSA 'stuff' because I'll be sad if I miss something important. :-)

Now, back to applying nose to grindstone.
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This was a lovely surprise in my Inbox this weekend!

2 nominations for artwork!

Thank you so very much to everyone who nominated me. *hugs*

Title: Connection
Category: SGA Slash Art > Sheppard/McKay
Total nominations in this category: 8

Title: Detour to Bethlehem
Category: SGA Gen Art > McKay & Other
Total nominations in this category: 4

You can visit on July 4 to vote for your favorite art and fiction in the 2011 GateFic Awards.
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...or not as I transfer everything to my bright shiny new MacBook Pro with a 17-inch non-glare screen. Gary decided I'd gone through enough aggravation with my laptop over the last two months and that I was losing my happy again. That man of mine can be so wonderful sometimes - he packed me up today and off we went to the Apple store. Two hours later, I'm back home with my new toy.

*scrubs her aching hands carefully in glee and prepares to play*
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Yesterday's trip to the zoo aka 'get me the fuck out of this house and my head' was mostly a success. I was indeed exhausted when we got home, but it was more physical than frustrated mental/chronic fatigue for a change.

Our new car is great, very comfortable with all sorts of gadgets to keep Gary happy since it wasn't the Porsche he kept hinting about and isn't getting as long as the Corvette is sitting in the driveway. *rolls eyes at boys and their very expensive toys*

The two options I asked for were a powered seat for the passenger (not wrestling with adjustments) and the backup camera that displays in the corner of the rearview mirror for those days I can't twist around to look very easily. Oh, and Gary went with the color I preferred.

But, it's brown.
No, it's Caramel Bronze and they don't have the green, so suck it up or we'll get beige.

Our local zoo is small, but always working on improvements and is very involved with species survival breeding programs. The number of animals it supports has been reduced over the years as it expands their quarters, but I've always preferred seeing a small number of happy animals over a crowd of sad, overcrowded beasts.

Sorry, [personal profile] kantayra, but there are no anteaters.

I made it all the way to the elephant enclosure and back, although I was barely moving above a shuffle, and the weather cooperated and stayed cloudy most of the time. We literally had the place to ourselves, which was very nice.

A stop to pick up a prescription and a few groceries and we were home, where I proceeded to mostly vegetate for the rest of the day by directing Gary through another game we played eons ago, Omikron. What's a little disconcerting is how many little clues I remember from playing it eight years ago vs. all the times lately when I can't remember what I was going for when I get to the top of the stairs. :-/
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A post at [community profile] sga_squee made me realize I've written about my rearranged livingroom, where I spend most of my waking hours, but never posted pictures.

This was taken while I sat on one of the six steps up to the bedrooms. We have a split-level house and the kitchen is to the left and is the same size as the living room. The next level down is a 'family room' the size of the three small bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and was actually my daughter's room for ten years before she moved out. It's not a big house and it's the only one we've ever lived in, but it's ours free and clear. I'm glad I resisted Gary's periodic yen for a bigger, much more expensive house that we'd still be paying for.

click for fullsize

I love the extra space we have since the couch (that matches the loveseat) and the ginormous 36-inch TV and stand went to school with my daughter. I also got rid of 4 racks of VHS tapes, but you can't see the remaining two racks of DVD's because they're around the corner on the right. Hmmm, really need to get those two pictures hung sometime soon. We'll lose some space again because we'll likely get two occasional chairs so visitors have a place to sit, but there's really no rush.

Of course, the centerpiece is the 46-inch flat screen and the PC that goes with it. You can just see the stack of old games we'll be going through (some more are in the drawers of the table). There are even a few we bought years ago and never played. Gary doesn't like to play them alone and I hated shutting down my browser in order to play, so they sat there waiting. Now we have it all set up so I can be online at the same time I'm kibitzing on the game on the big screen. I laugh sometimes at how Gary and I are occasionally the quintessential old farts sitting next to each other but doing our own thing, absentminded, grumbling oft-repeated scripts about the rest of the world.

click for fullsize

I am well-occupied with games, movies, and fannish activities. I have a very comfortable place to sit with my feet up (dual-reclining loveseats rock), my laptop on an adjustable table with my tissues and water at hand. My life is really not that hard, despite my health.

I consider myself very fortunate and really am dancing in my chair loveseat.
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Of course the delicious feed for the SGA newsletter failed three times. Considering the response times today, I'd have been surprised if it worked. Now I get to construct the newsletter manually. *mumbles many bad words*

The only positive part of today is that while I was waiting for the feed to fail for the second and third time and correcting my links in DW, I was re-reading some of my 2007 stories and their comments. It was a mixture of fun and bittersweet reliving those days when I would often receive more than the 15 comments that I now consider a wildly successful story. :-)
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It's a quiet Christmas here, the first one without the sisters and brother and assorted nieces and nephews and my small house bursting at the seams. My youngest sister couldn't make it up from Charlotte, NC and without her help I couldn't handle putting it all together. Of course, there's also the 'woman in the bubble' situation and the fact that I really don't need to end up sick(er).

Quiet, but nice. Gary made bacon and eggs and pancakes for breakfast and we opened gifts. I was surprised with Kona coffee beans (my favorite), A Dog's Breakfast, [ profile] plnunn's CLex calendar, and the most amazing of all, the 10-season package set of SG-1, Stargate on the side and everything.

Since I'm finding myself using SG-1 back story with my McShep AU's, I'm excited that I'll be able to watch the episodes, not just rely on transcripts. I'll watch the McKay episodes right away because I'm using those in Lived By The Sea. I knew there was a reason that story was taking its own sweet time coalescing. :-D

Gary's listening to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra CD, Beethoven's Last Night, that I ordered for him. He fell in love with What is Eternal after watching [ profile] gnine's amazing vid that makes my throat and chest tighten with emotion every time I watch it. If you haven't seen it, even if you're not an SGA fan, you have to watch this vid - you will see what grabbed me about this show and won't let go. It is really that incredible.

I hope everyone has equally wonderful holidays!
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Took a little nap - much needed after a long day of bad news and errands - and it's time for me to find that positive place again. You guys are the best, and I'm going to be responding to all the comments on my last post in a few minutes.

You know what makes me happy? Creating something that someone asked for. I have a few remix prompts still waiting - and I will write every one of them - and the holiday wishlist is coming up soon, but I think I need a little jumpstart for now.

The WIPs are getting worked on, but all of the currently active ones are simmering to soften up some chewy plot points, and I don't want to start anything long and add to that list (see waiting remix prompts).

So, what's on offer?

Ask me to write a short tag or missing scene for any of my completed stories - tell me to flesh it out or what you think happened, and I'll give it a shot. Ask me for an icon or a banner or even a cover for one of your stories.

Help me find my smile again by letting me do something for you. *hugs everyone*
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Bad - Another infection - on antibiotics AGAIN

Good - Not too painful and fairly lucid :-D

Bad - Still no voice

Good - All tests still coming back benign

Bad - May lose my job due to chronic illness

Good - Doctor willing to support claim for permanent disability if it happens

Bad - Gary's gone all weekend

Good - Daughter's home from Prague

Bad - Can't sleep when Gary's gone

Good - Mainlining SGA with daughter who's never seen it and she's a night owl

Bad - Haven't finished writing a WIP in a while

Good - Finished [ profile] artword Challenge, a DVD commentary, beta work on 3 stories and posted to WIP
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My flist is AWESOME! I have 20 tabs open to go back and read and comment and I haven't made it over to leave some love at [ profile] medie's Love Meme, but I will when I get back online tomorrow night. You can leave some for me in the meantime. :-P

I should have a chapter of Nothing But Air to post as well as one for Lived By The Sea. I'm also about halfway through my sekrit CLex project and I owe a second art piece for one of my [ profile] artword collaborations.

I will grant that a lot of the entries on my flist that I'm scanning through are concerned with the news about SGA. Personally, I'm unhappy that the fandom I finally jumped into has a limited number of episodes to go. On the other hand, I doubt that will stop me from writing - the 'death' of CLex on SV certainly didn't stop me from building my own AU's. :-D

And Gary is making frowny faces because he's back from his office party and wants to head back out to the lighthouse. I may be able to convince him to stay here a bit longer because my sister and family are on a day trip to Niagara Falls without us (because of the party and because I feel...not terribly well after too much time walking around in the sun and not sleeping more than a few hours a night) and all we would do is hang out by ourselves and we can do that We'll see.


Pictures will be posted in a day or two, including some amusing photos from Lion Country Safari. Hint: Bison are BIG, especially when they decide you're pretty interesting.
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You betcha!

It was a little disconcerting to look at my fic stats and realize I haven't finished anything since 7/20. Almost a month of piecemeal updates - Bad Val - no cookie!

Fics completed in 2008: 36
Challenge fics submitted in 2008: 14
Total words posted in 2008: 184210

Total stories completed since start (Sept 2006): 88
Total words posted since start (Sept 2006): 761420

I have four active fics open right there on my taskbar, see them? I'm also working as an artist in the latest [ profile] artword challenge, matched with two writers. One is moving ahead well, the other I'm waiting for some direction so I can start.

Tomorrow we'll be heading out to stay for 6 days/nights at a 3-bedroom lighthouse Gary rented on Ontario Lake. He found it on one of his motorcycle trips and decided it would make a fun place to share with my sister, niece and BIL. They'll be arriving from Charlotte, NC sometime Tuesday, and this will hopefully make up a little for the trip we didn't make down there this summer. It's actually the first summer we haven't in the past six years, so it's good we'll be getting together.

Of course, I'm still fairly couchbound and still lacking a voice, so visiting should be interesting. I've already been informed we WILL be visiting Marineland in Niagara Falls even if I have to sit in a wheelchair. I also suggested Lion Country Safari, since that is a drive-through animal park. The rest of the time I'll be happy if I can amble along the lake for an hour or so every day. I'm easy. :-D

I'm not sure what the connectivity is going to be there, so posts and comments may be limited. The laptop is going, of course, so writing will be happening.
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After our trip to the zoo yesterday, which only managed to cover about half of an absolutely gorgeous set of exhibits, I was deposited back at the hotel room where I proceeded to lose my lunch a short while later. No dinner out for me - another tea and crackers evening.

We'll be working out the details for skipping our stay in London and returning home 5 (6?) days early.


I'll try to work on getting some more pictures posted a little later, but I'm supposed to be lying down so I can go out to see my daughter's apartment and possibly do a little shopping before I collapse again.
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The ticket agent tries to arrange to have our luggage transferred between airlines in London for the leg to Prague. Fifteen minutes later, the difficulty Gary had booking becomes apparent. We fly into Gatwick and then out of HEATHROW.

Thank goodness for 6 hour layovers because we have to get our baggage, go through customs, take the train to Heathrow and go through check-in and security.

I don't think Gary should try travel agent for a second career after he retires. *sigh*

Positive note: Wireless and a plug at the airport so I can conserve the laptop battery. Yay!


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