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I'm still working on transferring photos and deleting entries on LJ, but I'm also obsessed with the news since Trump was elected. Result: My ulcers are back. Yay

The dogs are my best medicine so I'm sharing links to some recent photos that I posted on Twitter and hoped dog_rates might share. Although they liked them, no re-tweet, but you might like them.

If you'd like to follow me there, I'm

The biggest news I have is that we're finally fencing in the back yard so that rescue organizations will consider us for adopting another bonded pair of dogs. Although Molly and Tessa have been fine with the invisible fence, the orgs require a physical barrier, so we've been turned down several times. :-( With luck, we'll soon be adding to the borking and zooming around here.
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I am actually getting out of the house - even out of my yard - to play this. Gary and I pack up the dogs and drive to the village so we can safely walk around to Pokestops and take advantage of lures when they appear. We don't actually fight, just enjoy the collecting aspect, as well as finding interesting places/memorial we'd never noticed before. It is so great to see so many others out and about and the dogs are loving the chance for extra sniffing. It's even worth the cold I managed to catch as I rejoined the world outside of my safety zone. I just wish it was a Pokemon I could transfer to the Professor for candy instead of the sniffling/coughing/bleary-eyed reality. ;-D

We've also been gardening - another of Gary's ploys to get me off the couch and outside. I have a video of the results so far at if you'd like to see.

Molly and Tessa really enjoy the extra time they get outside with us.

When I'm not playing Pokemon Go, I am building DWGville in SimCity BuildIt, fighting off invasions in SkyForge, and battling comic book villains in DC Universe Online, all while watching various and sundry Netflix offerings. It's great pain management (need more input) but means there's not a lot of writing/artwork going on. I open and close files in fits and starts, but it's just not happening. *shrug*

I have been enjoying the 100 Days of Happy entries appearing on my flist and am considering joining in. Perhaps it'll nudge me to be creative. Maybe. We'll see.
danceswithgary: (John - Help) reach down to scritch your adorable dog's ears and come back with a handful of 'wtf did you roll in now?' Yes, it's that time of year when the deer wander thru our yard eating the fallen crab apples and ornamental pears - leaving the dogs nauseatingly odoriferous presents in return.

Of course, Gary had just driven away to have lunch with some friends, so guess who was stuck bathing two dogs. Unfortunately, I couldn't just leave them outside until he got back - they wouldn't understand why they'd been exiled and it's too cold to sit outside with them. *sigh* I was considering new collars, but realized I'd have to wrestle the tags off anyway, so I held my breath and washed them too.

I called Gary to let him know the rest of the mess - including the wet towels on the bathroom floor - is his to take care of and that going to the 'Y' to exercise after lunch probably wasn't a good idea.

There's a reason I take the dogs to a groomer every six weeks. I think I just used some of my spoons for next week. I certainly don't have any left for today and likely none for tomorrow. Guess it's a good thing daughter's not coming home for the holiday and we had nothing special planned. Right now, I'm thankful for clean dogs. :-P

Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!
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Chronic fatigue sucks.

I have so many things I want to do. When I think about them all at once, it overwhelms me and I fail to do anything.

My solution: Break it all up into manageable chunks and tackle them as I can.

One of those chunks is to post here more often, not just when I've completed something.

I'm currently on my own - Gary is off on another motorcycle trip with a side flight to Los Angeles to visit his family. The puppies and I cuddle on the couch while I watch Netflix and I do fannish things like icons and art and reading and reccing and modding (but not writing because the words just aren't there). I also play DC Universe Online where I can build and play fun 'toons that fly like Superman and fight like Wonder Woman and use fun gadgets like Batman. I have friends that I chat with and run challenges with, so I feel a little less isolated. When Gary is here, we play together.

What I'm working on now while watching Vampire Diaries:

1. Artwork for [profile] brumier - loved her wingfic
2. Icons for weekly icontests
3. A roundup post for SGA icons and art (it's been 6 months!)

What I have on my to-do list to accomplish in small bits:

1. Update my CLex recs with new items (my to-read list is soooo long)

2. Go thru my journal and AO3 and make sure I've posted and crosslinked my art for other people
([personal profile] wanted_a_pony pointed out a missing piece and I've found others)

3. Post artwork not associated to stories to AO3

4. Read and comment/kudo/rec SGA stories (so many wonderful stories to read)

5. Finish writing my many WIPs *sigh*

Exercise should be on those lists, but merely walking up/down stairs often wipes me out. What I do is make sure I get up and move around after every episode. The puppies are also good at nudging me out of my lethargy long enough to go outside with them. They are such good girls - except when Molly raids the bedroom trash can and shreds tissues everywhere.

Molly says "Lies, all lies. Now it's time to move!"

Molly Says WhatUp
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It was a dark and stormy night when there came the jingle of dog tags through the front screen door.

"Rachel, can you check the dogs? I just started a league run."

"I just put them out a little while ago, Mom."

"Humor me. I thought I heard a dog out front."

"Holy shit! Molly, get in here!"

"How did she... It's raining too?"

"It wasn't when I let them out. The landlord must have left the gate open when he was showing the house. I'll take the front, Mom. You check the back for Tessa."

"Tessa, inside. Paws, both of you - you're soaked."

"The gate was closed, Mom. I have no idea how she got outside the fence, but we're lucky she didn't go wandering any further."

"Okay, no more trips outside tonight without supervision. I'll need to check the fence line in the morning."

Drama. Just what I needed from that little snip of fur. Both of them are microchipped and have tags with our phone numbers, but their reflective collars get lost in their hair and if she'd crossed a road in front of a car....

Tessa wants to be with me all the time, so outside is fun for a while, but then she wants back in. Molly, on the other hand, sulks when she's called inside because she wants to sit and watch whatever is going on in the yard. She chases butterflies, birds, squirrels and shadows. She also loves digging holes to bury a rawhide treat only to dig it up 5 minutes later to find a better spot. It's okay when she's just pawing through mulch, but too often she'll come in with dirt up to her eyes, then Gary goes out to repair the lawn. Again.

I ran the fence line 3 times this morning, and I think I found her escape route, but I'll have to watch them while they're outside until Gary gets back from his latest motorcycle tour tonight. I want him to double check my conclusion and attempt to 'fix' the hole.

Furkids. You gotta love them even when they give you heart attacks.

To end on a positive note, the daughter has graduated from law school and we're on track to move back to Rochester by the end of June. \o/
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I just finished apologizing to Molly for failing to make lights while washing the dishes. That's right, I apologized to my dog because I missed the optimum time for sunlight reflecting off the glasses and flatware so she could chase it around the kitchen while Tessa watches in bafflement.

She adores lights. Her tail goes like mad and she jumps around trying to taste the flickers and sparkles. If she's outside and hears me turn on the faucet for more than a few seconds, she demands to be let in so she doesn't miss the dishwashing light show. Gary often sits outside with the dogs in the morning and Molly pounces on the reflections off his watch face. Tessa spends her time pouncing on Molly and barking at the squirrels.

Playing with a laser light is a special night time treat for Molly. She runs around like a crazy thing licking the walls and furniture, slip-sliding across the floors. Tessa prefers a blinking ball and ignores the laser. Molly understands where the light originates and will come to me if the light goes away, insisting that it reappear with her 'pay attention to me' bark.

Just think how great it would be if everyone could be so easily amused by bits of light.

*goes back to watching laptop screen*
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This is a better quality version on YouTube of silly Molly playing 'Get You' with me.

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We just got back from the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test and both Molly and Tessa passed.

*twirls until dizzy - which takes no time at all these days*

Granted, they passed because the judge let them come back and re-test on the 'reaction to another dog' section of the test. It was a strange German Shepherd (almost spelled it Sheppard) and Tessa wanted to tell it how tough she is while Molly couldn't wait to be best buddies, instead of calmly halting and ignoring the other dog. *sigh* I made sure they were more focused on me the second time through and they made it.

I handled both of them for the test with Gary outside with whichever one was waiting. They've decided that they don't always have to obey Gary because 'hey, Daddy's a pushover - let's have fun!' His response is to either yell louder or shrug it off. I don't let them get away with very much in comparison, and they respond to my hand commands (which Gary can't seem to master) because my voice is still unreliable. Good thing I worked with them on those since my voice has been completely gone for the last four weeks due to another virus that went straight to my throat.

I have a lot of puppy videos that I need to sort through as soon as I finish my Clexmas gift. Think of them as a little reminder of summer during the long winter, that is, if I manage to get them posted before spring. :-P
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We currently have a backhoe tearing up our driveway and after only a few barks the girls are settled on the back of the loveseat and quietly watching the action. On the other hand, the two boxers next door haven't shut up (thankfully muffled by distance when they're in their house)

Molly and Tessa even went out on leashes with Gary to watch up close for a bit and they behaved perfectly. Now, if only I could get Tessa to do the same with other dogs.
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I needed a day to recover Friday's walk, so the girls' exercise on Saturday was puppy play in the yard. Sunday was bright and clear and perfect, so we headed for the second area of the scavenger hunt - Schoen Place in Pittsford combines shopping with walking along the Erie Canal.

The canal paths are always popular in nice weather, and Sunday was no exception. In comparison to Friday's relatively undisturbed saunter, we had to work hard to make sure the puppies were out of way of foot traffic for any photos. They definitely had plenty of distractions to practice ignoring, including bicycles and strollers and other dogs. Lunging and barking at other dogs is Tessa's biggest failure, where Molly stays quiet and is learning to sit and look for a treat when she sees another dog coming. We're working on it. *sigh*

Sunday in the Park with Puppies )
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As part of the puppies CGC (Canine Good Citizen) training, the trainer designed a 'scavenger hunt' from two local areas (Rochester, NY and suburbs) where we had to identify locations/items and photograph each dog sitting or standing next to them with loose leash.

Fifteen photos each dog is the minimum requirement for a free 30 minutes with the trainer. Of course, Gary wanted to go for all of them. I called it quits after almost three hours wandering around (and spent the next day exhausted and whimpering every time I touched my aching feet to the ground). We still plan on visiting the next area because we try to take every opportunity to introduce Molly and Tessa to new sights and sounds, people and dogs.

The photos are a mix of old camera and new, some by me - some by Gary. Only occasional glimpses of my hands, legs, and cane appear (the lady in red is not me) because I didn't really think about what was going to happen and I hate being photographed and I was dressed in comfortable over-sized clown clothes. John Sheppard would have been appalled.

The first area was ArtWalk in downtown Rochester.

The Art of Walking Puppies )
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I am the worst pet mom ever.

Tessa and Molly came inside from inspecting the mess left from yesterday - Gary and friends dug up parts of the driveway, yard and front sidewalk to bury the electric, cable, and phone wires leaving the outside looking even worse than before. After I cleaned off paws, I decided I needed a little quiet time to hopefully manage some writing, so I brought out the last of their favorite chews and told them to 'down' and 'stay' in the kitchen to earn them.

I took the treats with me and left the obedient puppies in the kitchen to return to my laptop where I finished loading some vid files into Vegas Studio for editing.

I have no idea how much time passed, but it suddenly dawned on me that the girls were awfully quiet and, like young children, that meant they were probably doing something they shouldn't. I got up to check on them - even glanced up the stairs to see if I'd left my bedroom door open - and then I found them in the kitchen waiting exactly where I'd left them and looking kind of pitiful.

That's right, I completely forgot I'd put them in a 'down stay' for their treats.

They have their well-earned chews now and are contentedly gnawing away next to me, while I'm sitting here feeling exceedingly guilty about my latest lapse of memory. :-/
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It's been forever since I posted puppy pics, although they're now over a year old and past puppyhood. It's been a tough couple of months for me health-wise, but with allergy season finally winding down, I'm hoping for some improvement at least on the constant sniffling and coughing front. Thank goodness for Molly and Tessa - they kept me smiling during some of the worst days.

They've gone through their obedience courses through Advanced at PetSmart and we're looking at a private trainer to make sure they're ready for the Canine Good Citizen test. They still need work on heeling without pulling, coming every time when they're called and, most of all, they're too aggressive toward other dogs. We been working on their socialization with almost daily walks in the park or village, but they still lunge and bark nearly every time they see another dog. Not good on those days when I'm really depending on my cane for balance.

I bought myself a new camera for Gary's birthday (family joke) and have been taking videos with it, but they need to be edited and I'm waiting for my Parallels software to arrive so I can use Vegas Studio on my Mac (iMovie sucks). In the meantime, here are some stills (original and edited) and a silly little short that makes Gary laugh.

Puppies! )
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Today is a good example. I have:

Puppies with new haircuts that make them look and feel like plush toys. So freaking cute!

Puppies chasing butterflies. So freaking cute! I'm working on a puppy picspam - I have a lot of pics to go through. :-)

New video editing software after waiting nine long days for delivery. (I went with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0)

Many challenge items either completed or well underway.

I'm continuing to make dents in the challenges, but not in reading/commenting/finding stories/writing recs. Bad Val, no cookies.

What I'm currently working on (or signed up for):

The Smallville Nostalgia Challenge finished and went live today!

Artwork for two three [ profile] hewliganbigbang stories (3 of 3 done) Goes live 5/21!

Beta for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang story (3/4 done - loooooong story)

Artwork for two 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang stories

Three (3 - OMG I'm insane) [community profile] romcomorama remixes - thank goodness for slippery due dates
The Cutting Edge - SGA (2000 words written),
No Reservations - SGA (10,000 words written),
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - SV (1000 words written)

[profile] sheppard_hc fic exchange - assignment received

[profile] sgaartvalentine SGA Art Shindig

I have my [community profile] clexmas Bingo card!

Artwork for [ profile] atlantisbigbang waiting for claims post

Artwork for [ profile] scifibigbang waiting for claims post

Ongoing challenges/communities I'm involved in:

[ profile] mcshep_icontest
[ profile] sga_icontest
[ profile] mcsheplets
[ profile] stargateficrec
[ profile] sga_newsletter
[ profile] stargateland (Team Atlantis, of course)
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Sorry, no pictures this time.

I'm in a grumpy mood because my sleep schedule (such as it was) is really screwed up. Lately I've been lucky to fall asleep by 2AM then the puppies are up at 6AM. We've gotten into the bad habit of bringing them back into bed with us after they've been out to take care of business and we all snooze until 10ish, which means I wake up feeling like half the day is already gone again. It's actually silly of me because it's not as if we're late for work. *rolls eyes*

To add to the grumpiness, we have an idiot cardinal that has been bashing itself against the upstairs and downstairs windows all day long trying to drive away that rival he keeps catching hanging around his territory. We've closed the blinds to minimize the reflection, but it doesn't matter.




*clenches jaw some more*

I suggested putting up an owl or hawk silhouette on the windows, but Gary insists it will scare away the other birds he feeds. I'm about ready to put them up anyway but, with our luck, the crazy bird would take one look and bash even harder.

"Look, that smirky red bastard has minions!"

To add to the aggravation, Tessa has turned into a YLDFH (Yappy Little Dog From Hell) when she's outside. When I'm out with her, I work on correcting her and even pick her up and take her back inside when she won't obey. Not Gary, though. He'll let her bark away (and sometimes Molly joins in) and I end up slamming out of the house and screaming, "Tessa! NO BARK!!!!" like a banshee.

Gary will then look at me and say something stupid like, "They're barking at the ducks (or squirrels or birds - pick one)," and I try to calmly explain - and usually fail - that I don't give a fuck what they're barking at, unless it's coming to fucking eat them they only get three barks.

That brings me to the rather large male turkey that wandered through our backyard yesterday, adding to our wildlife collection. Now, while I'm really not concerned that a turkey or deer will actually eat the puppies, I'm now looking at the venison, turkey, and duck snacks in our cupboard and thinking I'll steer away from buying them anything bear-shaped in the future.

God, I need more sleep.
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...and said this morning.

"No, you can't take a shower with me because you just had one with Daddy and you're half-dry."

We're on our way out the door for a walk, but I'll be back later to reply to comments and to regale you with more adventures from The Puppy Zone.

*rolls eyes*
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This morning:

"It was your mother's birthday yesterday and you didn't even call her. Why don't we go over for a visit and we can take the girls with us? We can stop at the bank and the grocery store too."


"I'm going to take a shower and get dressed."

"Okay. Leave the bathroom door open so the puppies can whimper at you like they do to me."

"Ha. Ha."

Twenty minutes later, I'm showered and dressed and making sure the blanket in the travel crate is clean because the girls had a bath last night.

Gary comes inside carrying Molly and Tessa and they are filthy.

"What the fuck, Gary? I expected to clean their paws at the most! I wouldn't have taken my shower yet if I'd known you were going to let them roll in the mud!!!!"

He walks past me and up the stairs to the bathroom and proceeds to fill the tub while offering the world's weakest excuse.

"It's not my fault. They just ran around the back yard. It's not like I could control what happened."

"They're called leashes, Gary."

He's up there cleaning them (and then himself) and I'm down here exercising restraint and not continuing to berate him through the bathroom door because I'm damned if I'm going to shower and change again.



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