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Fiction and Art not locked, no access needs to be granted.

Obligatory Warning: This Journal Contains Fiction, Recommendations and Discussions about M/M Slash with Ratings up to and including NC-17 Mature. Readers should be 18 and above.

All works in this journal are not for profit - mine or yours. You are, however, welcome to write remixes/sequels/companion pieces. Please do let me know, because I'd love to read them.
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I used to keep a list in my DW and LJ journals, but after over 1 million words in completed stories, I got lazy and gave up.

So head to for Smallville (Clark/Lex) and Stargate Atlantis (various but mostly McKay/Sheppard) fiction.
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The disability communities on Twitter have been active since they were presented with the wonderful Selma Blair images at the Oscars and in Vanity Fair(see below).

Selma Blair with cane

My daughter, who has found the communities very supportive as she deals with her sleep and movement disorders, worked up a hashtag #GloriousFeeling and is hoping to engage a number of posts with people responding to the above image with their own version of disabled glam with assistive devices. I was inspired. Gary took the pictures and the dogs behaved beautifully for promised treats.

Cane and Canines

I had the honor of being the first post.

In other news, PT is progressing well on the shoulder, although a session knocks me back for two days because my body is convinced I was attacked so my CFS and fibro kick into a higher gear. yay
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I have been banned from any kitchen activities that require two hands so Gary has taken over. Even pouring from a heavy container has been forbidden after the almond milk carton slipped and I tried to catch it with the arm that's in a sling.

me: That leftover chicken's getting old. Can you make chicken salad? (knowing how he gets given free rein) Just mayo and canned peas.

him: Relish?

me: OK


me, eyes watering: What is in this?

him: What you said plus horse radish and wasabi powder.

Oh yeah. It gets better. The next day...

me: You finished off the chicken, right?

him: No, there was still some left.

me: (Amazed at the rotisserie chicken that would not die) OK, then put that on a pizza tonight with just some extra cheese, nothing else.

him: OK


I wandered into the kitchen just as he was unwrapping the frozen pizza.

me: You said we had chicken left.

him: It's right there.


him: What? That's what you said to do.

I might live thru this...and I might not.

I definitely need to heal faster so that he can go back to skiing and I can have my kitchen back.
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Sorry for the lack of comments lately. I find it very tiring to type one handed. I injured my left shoulder in Sept, had a shot of cortisone and pt which only made it worse. Finally had an mri on Xmas eve and it showed 3 torn and retracted tendons or, as the kid said, I really fucked it up. I go in next week to discuss next steps which will likely be surgery and months of limited use and pt. yay

Gary isn't happy because it could interfere with his skiing, so he's taken two ski trips since the 26th. One 5 days in Michigan and Canada, and now on a 5 day in Vermont. I just do what I can with one hand and leave the rest for him to handle when he's here. He'll squeeze in days at Bristol when he's back. With luck I'll be past the acute period and can manage alone so he doesn't have to cancel his Colorado trip. I have already ruined his retirement because I can't travel with him. Ruining his skiing too...sigh.

And I've reached my limit on typing. Back to being invisible and reading all the things online and watching all the things on hulu, amazon prime, and netflix with pups all around me and an icepack on my aching shoulder.

Fic: Wisp

Dec. 25th, 2018 11:26 am
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It took me entirely too long to finish my sga_santa story. My concentration was nil due to the usual compounded by a rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder. The pain meds helped the shoulder, but not my writing. I'm basically down to using only one hand for most everything as I wait to find out if surgery will be happening.

In the meantime, have a story!

Recipient: Melime
Title: Wisp
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Summary: Rodney's first thought was, 'Finally, all my fantasies are about to come true.' SGA Santa 2018

Link on AO3:

Link to the wonderful SGA Santa Collection:
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I would have preferred new art for the season, but my shoulder says no, so here's some from the past!

Happy Holidays on AO3

Hey, there!

Dec. 8th, 2018 01:53 pm
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So my flist just got busier. Cool.

I'm pretty quiet here, but I haven't given up on creating fanworks. They just arrive very sporadically. Everything is posted to AO3 under danceswithgary (see link in profile) if you want to catch up.

If anyone needs an invite to AO3, just drop me a DM. I have many to hand out.

And for anyone who needs a pup fix from October this year:

Top to bottom - Serena, Venus, Molly and Tessa

[click for full size]

The two dark are 8-yr-old Yorkshire terrier/poodle sisters I rescued when then were 12 weeks old, my original pair of lifesavers. The two lighter are a bonded pair I rescued a year ago and are approximately 4 years old - possibly a chihuahua mix. They keep me company during the long days and get me off the couch much more often than if I were alone.
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My sga santa assignment is very open, only requirement is happy-ever-after McShep (as if I write anything else).

I am brain dead and need some thoughts, suggestions, bunnies, etc.

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Preview Only – See art post for full size

Title: The Man with the Clockwork Heart
Author: danceswithgary
Artist: Chibifukurou
Pairing(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Brief suicidal thoughts
Summary: "I must warn you. This machina I've fashioned will always beat the same, can never beat faster when he's frightened or in flight. He'll never experience the flush of desire or love - only the calm, even beat of this clockwork heart." (Never a Stargate AU) SGA Reversebang 2018

Link to fic:
Link to art:
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A post by speculated on a cool picture at APOD with a stargate in the center.

Inspiration at APOD

So I gave it a try:
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Title: Art: Avalon / Fic: Confluence
Author: jennytork
Artist: danceswithgary
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Artwork inspired by James Cameron's "Avatar"

Link to fic:
Link to art:
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Art Preview - see link below for entire work

Title: Less Than Eleven
Author: danceswithgary
Artist: cybel
Pairing(s): Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Fluff
Summary: By Rodney's calculations, it had been nearly 10 years since John had last surfed. SGA Reversebang 2018

Link to fic:
Link to art:
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A 10,000-word big bang for small fandoms!

FAQ | Rules | Authors | Beta/Cheerleader | Affiliate

(Artist sign-ups will open on Nov 1!)
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Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue suck.

I was going to sleep the day away, but several cold noses applied to the back of my neck insisted on a bathroom break. 16 muddy paws and a round of treats later, I'm dressed and drinking an almond milk latte.

Dogs don't suck.

ETA: My apologies for blowing up your flist. Unfortunately, Preview doesn't show the pic as ginormous, so I didn't realize I needed to set the width to a reasonable size.
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Yes, I am shouting because my secret birthday hope came true. Go vote in the poll at:

if you're interested in participating.

I really hope this happens because it is a challenge that wakes up my muse and that's a rare happening these days.
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Title: Mauve and Dangerous
Recipient: tasabian
Author: danceswithgary
Pairing: Clark Kent / Lex Luthor
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1985
Summary: "It's mauve and dangerous and 30 seconds from the center of Smallville."

Link to AO3:

Posted to the Clexmas Collection on 1/30/2018, but the challenge seems to have evaporated...
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I was doing well today by running 3 loads of clothes thru the washer and dryer. Folding can wait for a day or two. Still feeling okay, I decide to start dinner before Gary gets home from skiing.

Sweet potatoes rinsing in one side of my double-sink, I pull out a package of chicken breasts to roast with an apple barbecue sauce - a favorite.

Ew. The chicken package leaked and, since I was an idiot and forgot to put it on a plate, the blood pooled on the bottom glass shelf and down the side.


Gary still hadn't managed to clean up the boysenberry syrup spill from a few weeks back - despite my asking several times - so I sigh and begin the cleanup because I prefer a refrigerator that doesn't make me retch from the smell when I open it.

Glass shelf out and in the sink, I decide to also tackle the congealed syrup. I pull out the vegetable bins to find a mess under there. However that's just the start because when I lever up the plastic part of the shelf, there's a cascade of syrup that had been trapped under there. There must have been half a bottle spilled down the back of the refrigerator from the top shelf - which still hadn't been cleaned because Gary found it easier to simply rearrange around the puddle after insisting I leave the cleaning to him.

The dogs circle me warily because I'm turning the air blue, but at least they're smart enough to stay out of the way.

30 minutes later, drenched in sweat and shaking, I return shelves and food to their allotted places before sitting down with some juice.

Just as I hit the button on my beautiful automated recliner, I remember the sweet potatoes and chicken still sitting in the other side of the sink.

Gary's still not home and the dogs are giving me their 'we're starving' look.



I have no more spoons.

ETA: I managed to get dinner in the oven and the dogs fed before Gary walked into the usual welcoming chorus. This was such a ridiculous thing to be pissed off about because there are so many out there without food or refrigerators or that work all day before coming home to housework. I know I'm fortunate, but every now and then....


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