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Title: The Princess, the Two Dragons, and the Four Knights or How the UDKM Saved the Day
Author: danceswithgary (
Pairing: Lots of Other Characters - Original Fic
Warnings: None - it was written for a seven-year-old
Spoilers: None - it's original
Word Count: 6600
Summary: An original story written to entertain my seven-year old niece. It is a slightly silly fantasy.

A story by written by Aunt Val in an effort to save the Christmas that wasn't quite a Christmas.

Copyright 2007


Kathleen wasn't happy. This Christmas wasn't very much fun at all, not like last year or the year before. Things were different. She decided different wasn't very much fun.

She, her mom, and her dad had driven up from their home in North Carolina all the way up to New York to visit her aunt and uncle. That's what they had done every year since she could remember. They got a chance to see snow and visit the rest of the family when they all came to her aunt's house on Christmas Day. The rest of the time, she would play games with her aunt, read books, watch movies, or make things for fun.

But, this year her Aunt Val was sick. They still drove all that way to visit, but her aunt didn't make cookies to decorate or read her stories. She couldn't talk and she couldn't move around very much. Instead, she sat on a sofa with her feet up and her laptop turned on so that she could type answers to questions, read stories on the internet, and write to friends she couldn't even see. She would stay up very late at night because she couldn't sleep very well, and Kathleen would sometimes hear Aunt Val typing away in her dreams.

Kathleen felt like it wasn't at all fair. She wanted to play games. Her mom and dad played some with her and Aunt Val played a game of Scrabble with her, but it wasn't the same if Aunt Val couldn't tease her about silly words or explain the fancy words her aunt would put on the board. Aunt Val couldn't read to her, either, and they had always done that, too.

Aunt Val was sad that she couldn't do what they normally did, so on Christmas Eve, she sat down with her hot tea, and a few Christmas cookies that Kathleen had decorated with her mom, and began to type a story for Kathleen. When Kathleen bounced downstairs for breakfast, Aunt Val motioned to her and showed her the screen of her laptop, which held the beginning of the story. Smiling, she asked Kathleen, by typing of course, what Kathleen would like the story to be about.

Kathleen picked:

A princess named Princess Angeline
Four knights named Sir Eric, Sir Joshua, Sir Max, and Sir Freddy
Two dragons named Alina and McDuff
A king named King Rick
A queen named Queen Hannah
A kingdom named Midlands
An adventure where the four knights are trying to rescue the princess from the dragons

Kathleen went outside and played in the snow with Uncle Gary while Aunt Val began to type. When Kathleen came inside quite rosy-cheeked and wearing the vestiges of a snowball fight, she helped Aunt Val to edit the story and provide additional direction before she went off to shop and play more games and frost some cookies with her mom until it was time to put out the magic reindeer chow and wait for Santa to arrive.

And so Aunt Val wrote a story for her beloved niece and, it began, as all good stories should, with the words 'Once upon a time'....

The Princess, the Two Dragons, and the Four Knights or How the UDKM Saved the Day )


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