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I rework the same three sentences for the fifth time. *sigh*

I'll think I'll go wrap some Xmas gifts.
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I have 7/8ths of the next episode of Willoughby written, the file is open and waiting and, instead of finishing that up today, I was just upstairs folding clothes and plotting out an apocalyptic McShep based on Skyline. It would be a story I'd have a hard time selling as 'happy ever after' - no - it would definitely force me to put up big warnings that it was an exception to my rule.


The movie was supposed to be simple background images and noise while I worked on my weekly icons for [ profile] sga_icontest and [ profile] mcshep_icontest - something I could watch on Netflix streaming while Gary was on his little two-day motorcycle trip and he wouldn't care if he missed it. I've been deliberately choosing movies and TV series to watch lately that shouldn't inspire McShep or CLex remixes because I already have too many that I've been struggling to finish.

I hate when this happens.

I need to finish the episode, then write Hell-Met by Moonlight, the Spook Me vampire!bug!John story I have plotted to go with my art piece for SGA Scare, then possibly finally finish Blood Debts for a CLex vampire entry in Spook Me, and then the Romcomorama stories then....

You get the picture.

If I'm lucky, I can emerge from my antihistamine-sedative-painkiller fog for a few hours a day and manage to get a few hundred semi-coherent words down. The last thing I needed was another bunny to fuzz my concentration - a so very dark poison-fanged bunny - although I must admit the vampire stories aren't exactly hearts and flowers either. :-(

*returns to fiddling with too many open files and laughing at puppies chasing a fly*
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Doesn't everything finally come together late yesterday afternoon for my [profile] sheppard_hc, the day before my sister, niece, and BIL arrive? It couldn't have given in a day earlier so that I didn't stay up past 1:00 AM typing and trimming and adding more? I even kept waking up to make notes in my PDA. I wrote 3000 words beginning to end yesterday and I think I'll end up posting late today after tweaking - with a wallpaper, of course :-D. I feel a little embarrassed at the pitifully short length when I see all the 16,000+ stories being posted, but I'm just glad I finished something before the deadline.

Now all I have to do is have the same thing happen for my [community profile] mcshep_match story which is sitting there with an outline and lots of notes and is due the tenth (or sooner).

Unfortunately, I've already used up two days of spoons this morning with a walk in the village with the dogs followed by a lightning-fast 'clean everything' tour through the house changing all the linens, chair and loveseat covers, and rugs, followed by vacuum and dust, followed by dog baths, followed by Gary's nasty-smelling bathroom scrub because the dogs get the bath water everywhere. I'm now perched on the edge of the loveseat trying not to get it grubby while I'm waiting for the fumes to clear enough to take my own shower.

I'll collapse for a while waiting for them to arrive, then Gary and BIL will take off for a weekend motorcycle ride and I get to take the dogs to obedience class. I should be able to manage that with my sister and niece's assistance, since the walk and bath will leave the dogs a little less hyper.

My sister and BIL will be departing Sunday leaving my 10-year-old niece behind for a two-week visit. It will be frustratinginteresting if my writing muse keeps poking me while I'm supposed to be paying attention to her. At least she loves the dogs and they should help keep her occupied. :-D

Hmmm, that was a less-than-coherent post. I hope the story doesn't look as disjointed when I read it through today. :-/
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Today is a good example. I have:

Puppies with new haircuts that make them look and feel like plush toys. So freaking cute!

Puppies chasing butterflies. So freaking cute! I'm working on a puppy picspam - I have a lot of pics to go through. :-)

New video editing software after waiting nine long days for delivery. (I went with Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0)

Many challenge items either completed or well underway.

I'm continuing to make dents in the challenges, but not in reading/commenting/finding stories/writing recs. Bad Val, no cookies.

What I'm currently working on (or signed up for):

The Smallville Nostalgia Challenge finished and went live today!

Artwork for two three [ profile] hewliganbigbang stories (3 of 3 done) Goes live 5/21!

Beta for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang story (3/4 done - loooooong story)

Artwork for two 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang stories

Three (3 - OMG I'm insane) [community profile] romcomorama remixes - thank goodness for slippery due dates
The Cutting Edge - SGA (2000 words written),
No Reservations - SGA (10,000 words written),
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - SV (1000 words written)

[profile] sheppard_hc fic exchange - assignment received

[profile] sgaartvalentine SGA Art Shindig

I have my [community profile] clexmas Bingo card!

Artwork for [ profile] atlantisbigbang waiting for claims post

Artwork for [ profile] scifibigbang waiting for claims post

Ongoing challenges/communities I'm involved in:

[ profile] mcshep_icontest
[ profile] sga_icontest
[ profile] mcsheplets
[ profile] stargateficrec
[ profile] sga_newsletter
[ profile] stargateland (Team Atlantis, of course)
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I could use some prompts for SV drabbles to be written before May 12th.

Anyone interested?

ETA: That would be CLex, of course. :-D
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I've been making progress in the past two weeks, although that means I'm even further behind in reading/commenting/finding stories/writing recs.

What I'm currently working on (or signed up for):

Beta for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang story (1/4 done - loooooong story)

Artwork for two three [ profile] hewliganbigbang stories (2 of 3 done)

Remix for RemixRedux DONE two days early!!!!

Three (3 - OMG I'm insane) [community profile] romcomorama movie remixes
The Cutting Edge - SGA (2000 words written),
No Reservations - SGA (10,000 words written),
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - SV (1000 words written)

Artwork for two 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang stories

Artwork for [ profile] atlantisbigbang

Artwork for [ profile] scifibigbang

Ongoing challenges/communities I'm involved in:

[ profile] mcshep_icontest
[ profile] sga_icontest
[ profile] mcsheplets
[ profile] stargateficrec
[ profile] sga_newsletter
and a new one - [ profile] stargateland (Team Atlantis, of course)
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First off, I'm pretty sure you all know this already, but I'm at favicondanceswithgary on the AO3. You can subscribe to me there - fandoms in the immediate queue include Smallville and Stargate Atlantis! (You'll need to log in to see the subscribe button.)

I only post completed works there, the WIPs only exist in my LJ and DW. Eventually, my art will join my fiction on AO3, for now only the artworks that were created with stories appear there (linked from my LJ Scrapbook).

What I'm currently working on (or signed up for):

Beta for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang story
Artwork for two [ profile] hewliganbigbang stories
Remix for RemixRedux
Three (3 - OMG I'm insane) [community profile] romcomorama movie remixes
(The Cutting Edge - SGA, No Reservations - SGA, My Super Ex-Girlfriend - SV)
Artwork for 'Summer of Stargate' Big Bang
Artwork for [ profile] atlantisbigbang
Artwork for [ profile] scifibigbang

Ongoing challenges/communities I'm involved in:

[ profile] mcshep_icontest
[ profile] sga_icontest
[ profile] mcsheplets
[ profile] stargateficrec
[ profile] sga_newsletter

I really don't mean to overbook myself, but I guess I'm actually happier having goals since I obviously can't resist a challenge. I guess I've also decided it's better to sign up and fail than never try at all. *shakes head at silly self*

Oh, and I'm 14,000 words away from one million words in completed stories - the finish line is in sight!
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A few people were interested in snippets from the snapshot of my WIP folder. I'm afraid my completed stories are usually shorter than Keira's excerpts, so you're just getting a taste from me. *grin*

[personal profile] iadorespike asked about
Secret Ingredient (McShep) )

[personal profile] keiramarcos asked about
Blind Faith (Clex) )

[personal profile] epona34 and [personal profile] goddess47 asked for
I Still Don't Do Floors (Too Busy Saving the World) McShep )

Unfortunately for [personal profile] winterhart and [personal profile] katrina_lefay, Damned Big Orange Fleece (McShep) is just random notes about an exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver - the only coherent piece I have written is:

"We could sew them together and make a blanket."

"Are you serious? It might cover our laps if we're squashed together and don't move."

"And that's a problem?"

"Okay, so we'll make a blanket."

[personal profile] rothesis asked for Once Upon a Revolving Door which is CLex and McShep and a collection of notes for the next in the Bedtime Stories 'verse.

"Uh-oh, Rodney, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"That's where you'd be wrong, so very wrong, Colonel. Look!" Rodney pointed at a nearby newspaper kiosk displaying a copy of The Daily Planet with 'Metropolis Sharks win!' screaming from the headline. "We are in Kansas."

[personal profile] paraoptomistic asked for
Lived By The Sea )
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I sitting here in quasi-limbo waiting for my sister to arrive for a visit, tagging for the newsletter, and cruising my flist, so I'll play.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Pick out the title that most intrigues you, or appeals to you, or whatever, and I'll post a snippet!

Rather than type them all out, here's a snapshot.

click for fullsize

Now that's the folder where I keep stories I'm definitely going to finish someday. The bunny folder has four times as many files. :-D
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I hope everyone's year is happy, healthy, and filled with good times!

To bring my end of the year/beginning of year spamming to an end, here's what I have in my WIP folder. These are stories I'm planning on completing someday, the stories that I actually open up and add to whenever inspiration decides to stick around for a few minutes. With the exception of Secret Ingredient, which I'm working on right now, these are not listed order of expected completion. I've learned that my brain is not reliable when it comes to finishing stories.

Gee, I have a lot more written than I thought - almost 150,000 words in WIPs. )
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Once again, I'm reviewing the stories I wrote this year and how I felt about them.

35 SGA stories (+ 89 drabbles) completed this year. Detailed 2010 SGA list is here.

4 SV stories (+ 28 drabbles) completed this year. Detailed 2010 SV list is here.

Fics completed in 2010: 39 (Plus 117 drabbles) (includes 2 exchanges to be revealed)
Total words for completed fics in 2010: 113191

Total fics completed since start (Sept 2006): 167 (Plus 210 drabbles) (includes 2 exchanges to be revealed)
Total words for completed fics since start (09/06): 980961

I came so very close to my goal of one million words completed and posted! :-/

Enough numbers. On to the 2010 review! )

Many, many thanks to those who take the time to tell me they like a fic or artwork.

A simple 'I liked this' means all the world to me.
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The [community profile] sga_santa fic that ate my brain is off to the mods in one of my worst ever down to the wire finishes. I started that evil beast a week after I got my assignment and restarted it and restarted it and outlined it and wrote it piecemeal out-of-order and walked away from it to try something else...sigh.

Next up is my [profile] undermistletoe entry due next Friday, but I'm not dreading that so much because it's a remix of No Reservations, something sweet for the holidays.

After that is my [community profile] clexmas entry that I have until January 7th to send in (thank goodness).

Of course, there are also all the pieces I have in varying states of completeness, none of which will be finished any time soon, which means I likely won't make my 1 million words completed by the end of the year. I'm a measly 20,000 words short, damn it.

So, if you've made it this far, it's time for a poll! I'd like to write a little something for the [community profile] mcsheplets prompt due Monday - Telling friends and family, and I could use a little help.

I think you should write:
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

I think you should write:

View Answers

Something in the Screen Savor 'verse
0 (0.0%)

Something in the Playing Along 'verse
0 (0.0%)

Something for the prompt I'm going to suggest in a comment
0 (0.0%)

Just skip this one and maybe hit the next [community profile] mcsheplets instead
0 (0.0%)

I don't care, just write something
0 (0.0%)

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It's all the puppies' fault, of course. Well, and Gary's because he keeps insisting on playing Anachronox and I'm failing at multi-tasking. :-D

I was hoping to finish the vampire CLex for [personal profile] spook_me, but it ended up with a complex story line and using a character I've never written before -> stalled. I then switched to a vampire McShep, but that's crawling and will never be finished tonight. I'm aiming for tomorrow as a McSheplet.

I'll likely miss that deadline, too.

*pets puppies currently snoozing in lap and tells Gary where he's supposed to be adventuring next*
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I've picked A Stop at Willoughby back up and I'm determined to finish it this session because it will more than make my million word goal. The problem is that whenever I go through this process (and please note I haven't been stupid enough to start anymore WIPs for over a year - I can learn) I have to start editing from the beginning to pick up the voices and pacing again.

In Willoughby's case, that means I'm making edits (grammar and style blips I pick up) that then need to be re-posted to both LJ and DW and that slows everything down. I'm also making notes for continuity to make sure I don't drop any threads along the way. On the positive side, I'm on part 4. On the negative side, that's less than halfway through. *sigh*

I shall persevere and triumph over this sweet, slow, lazy beast! :-D
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... or not, my answers to your questions are here. They are not just McShep, I answered some about CLex, too. :-D

In other news, I'm working on the icon drabbles and should have those up tomorrowish.

Don't think I didn't notice those sly attempts to get me to write more Detour To Bethlehem.

*eyeballs you*

I'm not promising,'ll get more than a drabble.
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I'm really trying to finish my McShep Match fic because I'm the captain of Team Play and I'd like to avoid the embarrassment of being one of the last to submit, let alone asking for an extension. I can do this, I'm at least 2/3 done and I know what I want to write, but...but...there are new stories to read!!!!

SGA Reverse Bang went live this week with two stories being posted every day. I wrote one, but only just made the deadline, so it will be one of the last to be posted. It was so difficult to choose from the previews of all the incredible artworks, and now they're being posted in all their glory, and stories. I've read all of them so far, but I'm forcing myself to wait on the latest and the rest to follow until I'm done writing and the Match story is off to beta.

Want stories.

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I finally finished and submitted my [community profile] sgareversebang entry, just barely making the minimum with 5225 words. My brain was just not cooperating, despite the lovely image I had to work with. *sigh*

I have one more challenge to finish in the next two weeks (thankfully an easy 1000 minimum which I'll probably end up bloating to 10,000 - watch me) and then I'm taking a break from fic challenges until I go a little crazy and dive in again.
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I have two WIPs I really, really want to finish. I did not need to be ambushed during a nice relaxing bath by the next part of Detour to Bethlehem.


Not going there.

*tabs to Willoughby file and frowns at it and The Kent Identity open in the next tab*
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Everything but the WIPs which I will update when I make the next update on them. I also corrected my masterlist on DW to DW URLs. That is it, though. I'm not copying my stories anywhere else. Between AO3 and DW, I've spent too much time lately trying to keep everything tidy. I also finished shutting down my website. All it has now is a re-direct that will disappear when my paid time runs out end of May.

Since The Kent Identity's conclusion is still percolating in my brain (I want to make sure I'm not falling into the trap of rushing to the end), I'm currently working on A Stop at Willoughby, reading and editing it from the beginning so I can pick up the voices and flow. I know it's a forlorn hope, but it would be great if I could finish it for my own challenge.

As it is, I'll be hard-pressed to come up with my reel_sga submission, since I really picked the wrong movie to tackle. *rolls eyes at self* To be honest, I think I'd rather finish Willoughby and drop the other challenge. It would be nice to knock one of the WIPs off my list. I haven't decided yet - I'll see how the writing on Willoughby goes (if it does).

I'm also collecting thought starters for [community profile] mcshep_match and composing my team introduction. Thankfully, nothing is due on that until May. :-D

It's all good. I'm having fun. *dances*
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Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Can you tell I'm having a wee bit of trouble finishing the damn story?

*tries to type with forehead because can't be any worse than the crap typed with fingers*


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